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I started blogging about LDS lesson helps when I was teaching in Relief Society. I kept losing my additional articles (or some little hands were helping them disappear) so finally I decided to put the links on my blog- a place they definitely could be found again. Soon after, I saw the great need we as teachers have to learn and grow from each other. As teachers we sometimes get so focus on what our class needs to learn that we sometimes forget to fill ourselves with what we need. My goal is to help you fill yourself so you can continue to help uplift others.

Each week I share teaching tips using the hashtag #TeachlikeaChicken on Instagram. Why in the world would you want to teach like a chicken?! In D&C 10:65 it states, 

"For, behold, I will gather them as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, if they will not harden their hearts" 

When a hen's chicks are in danger, the hen raises her wings and clucks wildly. No matter where her chicks are, they come scurrying back and she protects them underneath her wings. The hen may get hurt but the chicks stay safe. As a teacher, you are the hen. You are calling to your chicks, or class members, to stay safe. Dangers are everywhere in this world as we continue to battle against Satan and his army. It is your job to teach and strengthen- to keep your chicks safe. 

#TeachlikeaChicken this week.

More about Me, Camille

On July 24, 2017 I was diagnosed with APL leukemia. The great news is it has a high curability rate, however, it will be a long 2 years of treatments with me coming and going from the hospital. I will continue to share lesson helps and things I learn along my journey on this blog. Welcome to the next part of my journey!  

I'm a Mom to 5 great kids living in Colorado. We like to have fun together playing Legos, going on tours, and making excuses to have a party. They inspire me to do and be better everyday. My kids are why I expanded my lesson helps into Primary. I've taught Relief Society, Young Women's, Primary- yes, even Nursery. I love getting to know my class and especially the subject more as I teach. Currently, I teach Valiant 9 and serve as a Wolf Den Leader.

I'm especially passionate about great LDS teachers because my church teachers are a big reason why I became an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Growing up, my family didn't attend church often and if we did, certainly not all three hours. My 11 year old Primary teacher constantly reached out to me and invited me to activities at her house which I often attended. I enjoyed the Spirit that I felt in her home and the friendships I was able to make. By the time I was in Young Women's, we were attending 3rd hour only because that is when my Mom had a calling. My Sunday School teacher would see that I was in Young Women's but not his class and would always come over to me offering love and encouragement to get to church one hour earlier so I could go to his class. Eventually I did. Then two hours of church turned into three. By the time I was in seminary, I hungered after any gospel knowledge because I had missed so much. I'm so grateful to the teachers who explained the scriptures to me, made me want to dig in deeper, and who never gave up on me. When I was married in the Albuquerque Temple, my Sunday School teacher was the one at the temple recommend desk- you can imagine his joy to see me at the temple after all those Sundays of encouraging me to come to church. My Primary teacher's husband, was our sealer. Your calling as a teacher IS important. What you are doing DOES make a difference. Please keep teaching and serving and I will do all I can to help you along the way.

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Dedicated Natalie- You'll find Natalie posting for me over on our Facebook page. She finds great articles to share with you as well as squeezes in everything that I request. She's amazing! She loves to cook, travel, read, and be a Mom to 4 great kids. She lives in Virginia outside of Washington, DC where she teaches Primary.

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