Activity Notebooks

I am giving these to my kids for Christmas but have used them for church quite successfully. For these I covered the fronts and backs with glue and paper for extra flair. You can also glue on fabric and sew on extras (before you sew, make little holes in the fabric of where you will sew to make it easier).  Inside I have all kinds of activities. I like to do ones that have a start of a picture for them to finish or fill in a background. I also do some dot to dots, hand tracings, stories, riddles, and squiggles. You can also use die cuts or cut pictures or phrases out of magazines. My kids love seeing whats on the next page and I like seeing where their creativity takes them. I love how still and quiet it keeps them when I need them to be. Now that I've made everyone their own, I can really cater to their likes. Some picture ideas:

Need some more prompts ideas? 
1. Draw an outline of a layered cake and say, "Decorate the cake!"
2. Draw a fish type of bowl and ask, "What's in the bowl?"
3. Draw some water waves with a boat on top but leaving lots of room for underneath the "sea."  Leave as is or write a prompt like, "Where are the fish to catch?  Which one will you get?"
4. Draw a big squiggly oval and put a mouth inside.  "Finish the monster."
5. Draw an outline of a hot air balloon. "Decorate the balloon.  Who and where are you going?"
6. Draw a house.  "Where is your room?  Finish the house."
7. Draw flower stems with a bow around them.  "Finish the bouquet.  Who will you give them to?"
8. Draw a horse outline without the mane or tail.  "Every cowgirl/boy needs a horse.  What will yours look like?"
9. Draw lots of hearts in all different sizes.  "Fill the hearts with what you love."
10.  Draw clouds at the top of the page.  "What is falling from the clouds?  Who/what is under them?"
11. Draw a big egg shape.  "Decorate the Easter egg."
12. Draw a basket. "What's in the basket?"
13. Draw an outline of a snowman and little snow dog.  "Decorate the snowman and his dog.  Are there more?"
14. Draw lots of stars all over the page.  "Draw a planet or 2 for outer space.  What else is in outer space?"
15. Draw a connect the dot- somewhat simple is better I find. "Connect the dots and decorate!"  Mine was an octopus.
16. Draw a person with 6 arms.  "If I had six arms, I would use them to..."
17. Draw a long snake.  "Design the snake."
18. Draw a circle with a slightly smaller one inside. "What will you put on your pizza?"
19. Draw a tree. "Who lives in or around this tree?"
20. Draw a cave. "Inside this cave, there is..."
21. Draw an outline of an airplane.  "Decorate the plane then decide where it lands."
22. Draw an outline of a rainbow.  "Color the rainbow and draw what you would find at the end."
23. Draw a tent and a campfire.  "I went camping.  Fill in the rest!"
24. Draw a butterfly outline. "Decorate and name the butterfly."
25. Draw mountains with a river coming down and ending at the front of the page. "When I went to the mountains, I saw..."
26. Draw a bird outline. "Decorate. Where does it live?"
27. Draw a dinosaur outline.  "I saw a dinosaur inside the..." or "What would my bones look like?"
28. Draw a big square for a movie screen and half ovals for chairs in front.  "I went to the movies with... and saw..."
29. Draw a cashier behind a conveyor belt (like at the grocery store). "I went to the store and bought..."
30. Draw another connect the dots.  I did a star this time with the first and last dots already connected.
31. Draw a boat outline with a sail.  "Decorate the sail for the race."
32. Draw a sun. "Here comes the sun! Is he happy, sad, sleeping, wearing sunglasses? Draw a face."
33. Draw a single layer cake with a candle on a plate. "Decorate the birthday cake.  Don't forget the candles!"
34. Draw a dress (or shirt and pants). "Design the outfit and draw the person inside.  It's a party!"
35. Trace your hand.  "What will it be?"
36. Draw a megaphone. "Draw a cheerleader.  What is s/he cheering on?"
37. Draw a car. "Fill in the rest."
38. Draw some lips.  "Finish the face."
39. Draw an umbrella. "It's raining what?"
40. Draw a racetrack. "What is racing? People, dogs, unicorns, whales..."
41. Draw a flower pot. "What is growing."
42. Draw a small sun. "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. I can shine for Him by..."
43. Draw one train car. "Finish the train and draw what's inside."
44. Draw rain clouds. "The wise man built his house upon the... build it!"
45. Draw a baseball hat. "Who or what is wearing the hat?"
46. Draw lots of trees with a fire pit in the middle of the forest with chairs all around. "Draw people on the chairs and animals in the woods or vice versa."
47. Draw a river with a canoe. "Who's in the canoe and where are they going?"
48. Draw several different outfits. "Draw the people inside. Where are they?"
49. Draw a big shirt. "Finish and show me when you are done."
50. Draw a barn. "Old MacDonald had a farm and on his farm, he had..."
51. Draw a couple of flowers. "Finish the garden."
52. Draw a Pac Man maze with a couple of the characters. "Finish the game!"
53. Draw a bow. "A girl's hair, a present, a snowman... what is your bow on?"
54. Draw a big circle and lots of stars all around it. "What does the planet look like?"
55. Draw a watering can. "What are you watering?"
56. Draw a train track.  "What is sitting on this railroad track?"
57. Draw footprints. "Whose footprints?" or "Whose feet?"
58. Draw several roads going around the page.  "Missing: Parks, houses, schools, etc."
59. Draw a prize ribbon or trophey.  "Draw the winner!  Why did they win?"
60. Draw a line for dirt and the beginning of an anthill including the start of the tunnels underground. "Finish the ant tunnels.  Remember the ants!"
61. Draw a basketball. "Draw the hoop or a different game for the ball."
62. Draw a person hold strings (in the air, going down, or sideways). "What's at the end?"
63. Draw a big shoe. "A house, a one footed man, a monster...what's in the shoe?"
64. Draw some legs and feet. "Finish the drawing."
65. Draw a baseball bat and a baseball hat. "Finish."
66. Draw a big heart. "Draw something you want for the next holiday."
67. Draw a forest. "What's missing?"
68. Draw a couple of trees. "Fruit, candy, soda- what kind of trees are these?  Picnic or games in between?"
69. Draw a big rectangle with a border around it.  "I looked in the mirror and saw..."
70. Draw outlines of candy canes.  "Decorate the candy canes."
71. Draw a rectangle. "What's outside the window?"
72. Draw some big ice cream cones- upside down and right side up. "Its an ice cream planet! Draw the rest.  What flavors are there?"
73. Draw a truck. "What is this truck moving?"
74. Draw a tower with a princess in the window at the top. "Who is guarding the princess?"
75. Trace your hand. "My hand is trying to be a boat.  Can you draw the sails?"
76. Draw a waterfall. "What else is near the waterfall? Fairies, animals, pirates...?"
77. Draw a body outline.  "Draw hair, clothes, and you with butterflies on your head!"
78. Draw a head with just the eyes peeking over the edge of the page. "Something is on my head. What is it?"
79. Draw a whole bunch of a hot air balloons.  "Draw the finish line and trophey for this balloon race.  Who is in it?"
80. Draw a doghouse. "A house for your dog. Put his name on it and show us what the dog looks like."
81. Draw an outline of a person with a swimsuit on. "I'm going to the beach.  This is what my swimming suit and I look like."
82. Draw an elephant. "Where is the elephant? Zoo, jungle, circus..."
83. Draw a beach scene. "At the beach building my sandcastle."
84. Draw a giant fish. "What is the big fish about to eat?"
85. Draw waves at the top of the page. and some seaweed below.  "Now I'm swimming in the ocean as a mermaid. These are my friends."
86. Draw a castle with some tree trunks.  "Candy or fairy castle? What will the tree tops look like?"
87. Draw some rocketships with various numbers of windows.  "This one is going to... and this one to...?  3..2...1"
88. Draw a firetruck and buildings. "Where is the fire? Put it out."
89. Draw an octopus.  "I'm a juggling octopus but what am I juggling?"
90. Draw a pond. "Duck pond but where are the ducks?"
91. Draw a circle and stars around it. "If the moon had a face, it'd look like this."
92. Draw some hills with snowmen all around. "Its a snowman party. Dress the snowmen."
93. Draw a table with two empty chairs. "At a restaurant with? Eating?"
94. Draw a ballerina. "Finish the ballerina and the place she is dancing."
95. Draw some hearts of varous sizes. "Its a heart family.  Finish their bodies."
96. Draw two birds facing each other. "Decorate the birds.  What are they talking about?"
97. Draw a crescent moon. "I went to the moon and found..."
98. Draw a rocketship blasting off in space. "Who is going into space with you? What do you see?"
99. Trace your foot. "Make a silly animal out of this footprint."
100. Draw a bus without wheels. "The ? on the bus goes round and round. Whose inside?"