Come Follow Me Sticky Notes!

Sticky notes are so handy! You can use them to remind, write a quick note, express appreciation, and so much more! Why not use them with your Come, Follow Me lessons too!? These 54 specially designed Come Follow Me Sticky Notes will help you teach, encourage, discuss, involve, and more!


Printing on sticky notes is one of my favorite things. The words pop out, it's not expected, and it's easy to use a lot of different colors (check out this pack of colors). You can watch my how to print on sticky notes tutorial or play it safe with full adhesive sticky notes (they really come in handy).

Use these Come, Follow Me sticky notes in all kinds of ways:

  • As you study individually but want to share with someone not around, make a note of it on one of these sticky notes instead. Stick it on their pillow, their scriptures, or the fridge so you remember to discuss it together later.

  • To help you teach a lesson! You can give out sticky notes throughout the week or at the beginning of your lesson (whether at home or church). There are several sticky notes that ask about something they have learned or to draw a verse, etc. After everyone fills them out, ask them to stick on a white board, your coffee table, or TV screen then use them to start a great discussion as well as see the scriptures through their eyes.

  • Ask for help! There are so many different ways to teach in our homes and at church and that includes asking someone else for help. Whether you need to stick it on their door or in their shoes, it’s a great way to ask someone to help out without them feeling so much pressure. Add a little detail about how they would be helping and when they need to let you know by.

  • Show appreciation and praise. When you see the good your family or class is doing, be sure to tell them! Stick a note on their arm, put it under their pillow, or put it on their bathroom mirror.

  • Communicate with your spouse or other group members your plans for the week’s study, how they think the week should be organized, the reading, etc.

  • Reminders! When you are constantly saying it, it’s not so much fun but a nicely place sticky note can be a great reminder without the nagging.

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