Joseph Smith, an Instrument in the Hands of the Lord

How fitting is it to have a lesson on Joseph Smith right after General Conference? Ezra Taft Benson Chapter 7: Joseph Smith, an Instrument in the Hands of the Lord testifies of Joseph Smith's mission, the First Vision, and the Book of Mormon. President Benson set such a great example in sharing his testimony of Joseph Smith all the time. I loved the example of him sharing a scripture from Joseph Smith- History on the radio- not from the Bible or the Book of Mormon but Joseph-Smith History.

President Benson goes on to say, "Sometimes I think we are so close to it that we don't fully appreciate its significance and importance and the magnitude of it." I'm probably guilty of that but not because I don't have a testimony of the First Vision or feel extreme gratitude for the it and Joseph Smith but because I lack the understanding and perspective that those 100 years from now will have. It's just really hard for us to comprehend it all. We have been given so much, including the Book of Mormon, because of a boy who was willing to be obedient, to sacrifice, and to endure much starting at the age of 14. "Christian denominations the world over have prayed for centuries for the kingdom of God to come. We earnestly and publicly declare: the day is now here!" Joseph Smith opened the last dispensation. It is up to us now to continue that great work. 

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Questions to Ponder

  • Why is Joseph Smith's First Vision the "greatest event.. since the resurrection of the Master"? 
  • How has the First Vision influenced your life? 
  • How does it help to know that John the Revelator prophesied of Moroni's visits to Joseph Smith?
  • How has your study of the Book of Mormon changed your testimony of Joseph Smith's mission?
  • What are some blessings that you have noticed in your life and in your family because of the Restoration of the gospel? 
  • What can you learn from Section 5 about facing persecution?
  • What can you learn from Joseph Smith's example that will help you when people challenge your testimony?
  • How has Joseph Smith's mission impacted all who have lived on the earth? How has it impacted you? 


"Joseph Smith" by Elder Neil L. Andersen


"The Prophet Joseph Smith: Teacher by Example" by President Thomas S. Monson


"The Fruits of the First Vision" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf 


"Joseph, the Man and the Prophet" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks


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