Studying the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson

Are you as excited as I am to study the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson? I love so many of his quotes and just his approach to life. Be sure to read the history of his life before diving into the lessons. The context of his life often gives more meaning to the words he shares. It is easier to see his personality too as you get to know about him more. 

As you get ready to teach from this manual, remember that we should be using the manual and not setting it aside to teach from other sources. The whole point is to study President Benson's words- not just the subjects in the book. With this in mind, I've made some new changes this year to the Study Suggestions.

This year you will find:

  • A few quick thoughts to introduce each chapter
  • Music ideas
  • Questions to Ponder (usually from the manual)
  • 1 week study guide (which includes the scriptures mentioned in each chapter)
  • Quotes to share
  • Opportunity to converse and bounce ideas in the comments

My hope is that this new approach will be beneficial for both the student and the teacher. Remember to take advantage of the comment section and ask your questions, share your thoughts, and reply to others. We have such a great chance to strengthen each other and offer different perspectives online. Often you all have given me more to ponder. 

You may also notice, I didn't do a drop down menu this year for these lessons. This really makes me able to work smarter so I can accomplish more. This year you need to scroll up to find the lesson you need- the newest chapter will be at the top with Chapter 1 at the bottom. When you find the one you want, just click on the post title and you'll go to the full post. This makes it easier to click from study guide to study guide as well. 

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy studying! 

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