Happy Birthday Princess Party!

Having 3 girls, I've done a few princess parties, including for this Princess so I needed something new!  Hopefully, these ideas will be new ones for you to enjoy as well!  This is for a 5 year old but many of these games would work for older and younger... just make more or less difficult.  Also this was a BOY AND GIRL party.  We invited everyone to dress up however they liked but it wasn't mandatory.  We had fireman and dinosaurs as well as princesses.

Above are the outsides of the birthday invitations.  I did this on my own for the most part since I hate when glitter gets everywhere but my daughter did help a little.  I just cut out pumpkin shapes so they would open up like a card (the stem is the folded part).  I colored the stem and added the silver sparkles first since the orange pumpkin lines went around the doors.  For the door, I think I liked the circle with a flat bottom better.  I glued on the spiral glitter wheels later.  On the inside, I printed out the invitation and just glued it in so I could have fancy writing but its still quick and easy.  I did all the silver sparkles on all the pumpkins then switched to orange so I could dump all the extra sparkles back in the containers.  I used a craft place mat that I have on hand that allows me to bend it easily and pour back into the container.  

Now you should know, I'm big into everybody helps out-especially the birthday person.  I've been doing it that way for at least 8 years and its been great.  My oldest is now a fabulous party planner herself.  Besides, everyone loves being apart of the fun.  Here's a picture of two of the non birthday people helping make the wheels for our pumpkin carriage.

You should also know, that I love to plan big but am okay with doing the basics when needed so ideally I would have made this more rounded on top by attaching some extra cardboard then spray painted the whole thing and do the door different but sometimes you don't have the time and that's okay- its still super fun.  Plus when you do make everyone get involved, its going to turn out slightly different.  Once the green vine wheels were dried, I used some glitter glue to make swirls which made the wheels more fun.  We attached them with brads so they would spin too.  These boxes I got from Lowe's (Home Depot doesn't do it).  Just call ahead and be ready to wait a couple of days if needed.  These are 2 stove boxes that worked great.  We glittered around the doors and windows and made a steering wheel for the inside.  The carriage worked great for the beginning and end when you can't really have a super organized activity since people are coming and going.  Such a hit and we continued to use it for at least 2 weeks after.  I lost my patience after that- it takes up so much room!  I wanted to let their imaginations go as long as possible though.  And if you are wondering what that painted doll hanging from the carriage is- its the Fairy Godmother (it was a gift- I love that she could paint it as did she).  I also put a Cinderella pumpkin outside the carriage with the number 5 on it for her birthday to tie it all in (this is the same white pumpkin that I used in November for my daughter's baptism- we just wiped off the 8- we actually just threw it way.  It was still good but we were done with it!).  

I have to apologize.  I fully intended to get more pictures but I just didn't.  I was a party host instead.  So you'll have to bear with me in the descriptions.  My oldest here is showing some of a game we did.  I'm sure you are all familiar with it but this is the first time I did it at a birthday party and with cookies. Cookies on a StringIts the game where you tie a string to a cookie (or usually doughnut) and the first one to get the cookie off wins.  Just bake the cookies (we found Princess ones- they come out at Valentine's Day so you can grab some and freeze them if you want)  with a hole punched far enough in the cookie then repoke it right when the cookies come out (I used a chopped stick for this).  We ended up using masking tape to hold the cookie strings on the ceiling.  We had 2 groups go so everyone could have a chance at watching too.  It was super fun- most of these 5 year olds had never seen it before so it was pretty cool.  I gave out Princess Valentine candy to the winners since the holiday had just past and it kind of worked perfectly- love, Princesses. 

 We also played a game called Find the Glass Slipper.  I made a throne chair (basically a pillowcase over the back of a fold up chair and sparkly thread wrapped up and down the legs as well as a crown taped to the top) that Cinderella sat in (the birthday girl of course).  Previously, I had gathered up a bunch of shoes that may be the right one for Cinderella.  I put out one of each pair into a big pile and kept the right match behind Cinderella.  Everyone picked one shoe from the pile and tried it on Cinderella's foot.  If it was wrong, we'd say something like, "That one is too small." It was super fun.  The right one happened to be a sandal with silver sparkles and gems all over it.  It was tricky though because we put some shoes in that looked similar to what she would wear but it was her sister's bigger shoes instead (like a sparkly boot).  Her crush actually got the right one so it was a pretty cute moment.  I tried to let kids go in an order where everyone got a chance and the winner was last.  If their shoe didn't work though we put it in a throw away pile and you could go pick a new one.

Don't Wake the Monster- was a great game.  If you have someone willing to be a great monster or dragon that kidnapped the princess it's a lot of fun.  I made an obstacle course in our living room with paper coming down from the ceiling, a slide blocking the way, bubble wrap all over the floor, and other fun things that would make noise but also make getting there more difficult.  My husband was kind enough to be the sleeping monster (he's was great!).  The rules are to try to get out of the cave without waking the monster.  So for us that meant getting on to the fireplace.  The monster woke several times and chased them to the back of the cave.  After a few good scares, everyone made it out alive.

I usually have a craft but kind of forgot and with the carriage there for the beginning, we didn't really need it.  If you want though, I was thinking of doing wooden spoon puppets.  You can get a whole bunch at the dollar store and grab some yarn and scrap fabric to make a prince or princess to take home.  They could even put on a puppet show through the carriage later.

Princess, Princess, Frog- So its Duck, Duck, Goose but when you get the Frog instead of running you have to hop like a frog.  I'll always make sure everyone gets a turn because for whatever reason the same people always get chosen. 

Hullabaloo- This is a game that you can buy done by Cranium.  We found it at a garage sale years ago and absolutely love it.  We told everyone it was about learning how to dance at a princess ball because you have to listen to the directions and go to the mats on the floor that it says.  Its fun because lots of people can win at once and they have you do silly things.  It was great way to start the party once everyone was there.

Freeze Dance- When it was time for the ball, we danced very properly to beautiful music.  When the music paused, your froze.  If everyone dance really well, they would unlock a surprise which was throwing bags full of balloons on top of them which always makes for more fun.

Cake time!  (I blocked out her name)  I always end up doing the cake at midnight so my mind isn't fully functional but I think it turned out okay.  She wanted a carriage, and a horse, and a castle so the horse drawn carriage is going to the castle.  I used Rice Krispies Treats for the objects.  The horse has rainbow peel apart licorice hair.  The towers are ice cream cones.  It was fun but I should have made the castle smaller.  I put the castle cake on a tall vase so the horse had to go up hill.  The candles lined the path to the castle.  The real reason I was decorating the cake at midnight was because I tried the polka dot cake.  It took a long time but was really fun.  You just color the cake batter different colors then bake it in a small muffin tin (a little undercooked is better but still formed).  Then you put the mini cupcakes in the cake pan and surround with white batter and bake!  Be careful about the amount you add though so it won't overflow.  It was a lot of fun to look at.  Since I don't eat cake though, I have no idea how it tastes except that everyone ate it.

For party favors, I bought Cinderella Valentines that came with Cinderella pencils.  I taped those on to chocolate Easter Bunnies that I got at Target.  These bunnies looked like real pet bunnies in a little cage and since every princess loves animals and is a friend to them I figured it worked.  I think we also had some silly bands that we wrapped around and mini bubbles. 

Note- This is the order of the games that we did.  I tried to mix up more active games with less active ones to give everyone breaks but also let their sillies out.  We saved Princess, Princess, Frog for the end because if people need to leave, its not really that big of a deal...the game can keep going.  Hullabaloo was at the beginning because it gets people interacting (even the shier ones) without having to talk much.  The energy took off from there.