Art Attack!

Ever heard of a Heart Attack as in put a whole bunch of hearts everywhere, not the health condition?  Well, why not try an Art Attack instead?!  For my daughter's 7th birthday, she was going to have an Art party so to celebrate her big day, we decided to Art Attack her room while she was at school.  Her siblings and I drew pictures and posted them all over her wall by her bed.  I even put one that was supposed to look like her on her pillow so it would look like someone was lying in her bed.  I also put some over her closet door (she shares with 2 other sisters so I tried to cover everything that was "her side").  We had so much fun!  Drawing pictures is a great activity to do with your kiddos (or even older people) but then you have a whole surprise art gallery to put them in.  It definitely made her day (and ours).  We drew pictures of her in some favorite situations (like on horseback) and just fun pictures.  She still has it all over her wall months later which I love.  So try an art attack today!  After all, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.