Friday's Chef and 20 Questions

This Friday, it was my 5 year old's turn to cook.  AND we were having company- the Sister Missionaries no less.  She couldn't be any more excited!!  She choose to make petal pancakes which are pancakes that are made to look like flowers.  I didn't let her flip the pancakes- it just wasn't working out but she did do the rest including squeezing the pancake batter on to the skillet.  I poured the batter into a squeezable bottle so it would be really easy for her to do.  Oh the delight!  I love my 5 year old.  She has such a love for life.

This is a picture I took right after she successfully broke open her first egg without any shell in the bowl.  It was quite the triumph!  These Friday Chef days have helped me to teach my kids things that I've been hesitant about how to crack an egg.  Turns out, its not so hard to teach them after you practice a little bit.  

Petal Pancakes

1 pancake batter recipe

Whipped Cream (we used the squirt kind)

Jellies, syrups, etc for topping


1. Pour the pancake batter into a squeezable bottle (ketchup ones work great but ours was a corn syrup one).  Use the bottle to squeeze small, egg sized pancakes in the shape of a flower petal on a warm electric skillet (so you can make lots at a time).  They cook fast since they are small which is nice.  Flip over when bubbles stop forming.  

2. When the pancakes are cooked, arrange 4 or 5 petals to make a flower.  Put whipped cream in the middle and serve.  Top with any other toppings you wish.  

While the whipped cream was definitely the most favorite part, the toppings came in a close second.  We are usually just plain syrup people (or chocolate chips, fruit, etc in the batter) so it was fun to have lots of different toppings.  We brought out all the jams and every kind of syrup we had which included those ice cream syrups like Caramel.  It was a sweet dinner but a fun one!

For Silly Suppers, we played 20 Questions!  The Chef got to go first then the winner goes next.  If the winner has already gone, they get to pick someone else.  This was a really fun game to play at the dinner table and with our guests (the missionaries!).  The only one we didn't figure out- Question Mark.  That was a toughie.  Since we played 20 Questions the whole time, we didn't have time for the Topic Jar.

 However, here are some that we did the other night- post your answers in the comments:

1. If you had an exotic pet, what would it be? (Oh the excitement on this one! Hard to choose!  Dolphin)

2. If you could pick a new name, what would it be? (Kate)

3. Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? (Absolutely!)

4. What do you think is beyond the stars? (More galaxies like this one)