How to Save Money on Groceries Digitially

I have friends asking me all the time about ways to save money.  I've been doing it for so long it seems second nature to me that I tend to overwhelm them.  So now I started splitting things up into simple categories and hosting little get together to share my knowledge.  I thought I'd share with you all as well. This month's topic: Saving money on groceries digitally.

1. Ibotta- I LOVE Ibotta.  It has been my friend for at least 6 months and I LOVE cashing out every month (although you can do it more often- I believe its a $5 minimum).  I use it mainly for groceries but they have expanded a lot recently and you can get money back on anything from movie tickets to home improvement stores now too.  You have to do their simple activities on the app to earn money back (takes no more than a minute) then take a picture of your receipt proving that you bought it and scan the item's barcode.  You find out within a day usually if all the items cleared and they are really good about fixing things if something didn't go through.  I highly recommend them.  Right now you can get a $2 bonus as a new member.  I look at the offers before I shop then do the activities necessary after I buy the items so I'm not wasting time.  I earned $163 these last few months.  However, you do need an Android or iPhone to take advantage of this app.

2. Saving Star- As long as your store has a card to link up to your purchases, you can do saving star.  Simply load offers to your card (I just load them all since its quick and easy) and shop as usual.  It takes a couple of weeks for things to go through but that's all you have to do.  They will notify you when the money has cleared and you can cash out.  They do have an app as well.

Checkout 51 Home

3. Checkout 51- I prefer to use the app for this but you can do it on your computer.  New offers come up every Thursday morning and go until Wednesday night.  Simple see what offers there are (this week there is 50 cents back on any brand Orange Juice) and go shopping.  Upload a picture of your receipt when you are done and check the offers that should be on there.  They are also good about fixing things if there is a problem, just follow their how to in FAQs.  The downside is that you have to get $20 before cashing out.  However, it works at most places and you get a $2 bonus when joining and submitting a receipt of at least $20 with an offer redeemed.

4. Grocery Digital Coupons- Check to see if your grocery store has online coupons.  Usually this is for places that use saving cards.  I LOVE loading coupons to my card instead of clipping and sometimes they are better than the ones in newspapers.  My store has an online site as well as an app.   I load all possible ones up so I never have to worry.  If I find a paper coupon that is better,  I can easily remove the digital one from my card since you can't use digital and paper ones at the grocery store here.

5. Target- Target is getting complicated but it sure is nice to save. They have mobile coupons (text OFFERS to 827438) that you can use in conjunction with manufacturer paper coupons which I love (also try texting UpUp or Baby if you are looking for other deals).  However, Cartwheel is something everyone should be doing.  I love to just use their Barcode scan search before I go checkout.  You can just scan all the products in your cart and they will tell if you can save more with a Cartwheel offer.  You can also check out the offers beforehand online and print out your unique barcode if you don't have a phone with the app.  Sometimes its only 5% and sometimes its 50% off.  You can only load a certain amount though so choose wisely.  Also be sure to check out their online Target coupons to print out.  And if you have a Redcard that's another 5% saved plus bring your backs for that 5 cents back a bag.

That's all for now.  If you have a question, please feel free to ask!