Friday's Chef: Birthday Pancakes and Silly Suppers

Today my youngest daughter and middle child turned 6 (she is standing in our Aquarium Tunnel above).  She is my constant happy, always skipping everywhere child.  I love her!  Since its her birthday, she got to be the Chef!  This daughter also has a very limited menu, so it was no surprise to me when she picked pancakes again.  Last month we made Petal Pancakes which she loved so this month its Birthday Pancakes.  Last month I also let her crack the eggs for the first time by herself which was a big step for me.  Today, I just handed the eggs to her and she did amazing.  So proud of that girl.



To change regular pancakes into Birthday Pancakes you need 3 things: Mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, and whipped cream in a can (I wanted to sneak some pumpkin in the batter but she would have nothing of it).  I poured the batter while she sprinkled the chocolate chips.  The whipped cream goes on top followed by some sprinkles.  The only difficult thing about this meal is monitoring all the sweets!

For Silly Suppers, I told the Birthday Girl she could pick whatever she wanted (I thought she'd choose a Fancy Nancy dinner) but she insisted on picking from the jar.  We ended up doing a "Guess Who I Am" game for dinner!  This is the game where you put an animal, famous person, or object on a piece of paper and tape it to someone's back without them seeing (You can also tape it to their forehead which is easier for dinner time).  Each person has to guess who or what they are by asking questions or with the younger ones, giving clues.  Its lots of fun. You used to just have to make the papers yourself, however, now you can buy the game at any toy store.  The game has headbands which makes its easier at dinner too but only four usually. We just took turns passing them around the table.  It was a perfect way to celebrate a birthday dinner!

 A Topic, A Topic! Topic Friday!

1. What was the theme of the party?

 Princess Ocean Fairy with Unicorns

2. What kind of birthday cake did we have?


3. What was your favorite part?

For my daughter- EVERYTHING! and I have to agree.

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!