Friday's Chef: Chicken Noodle Soup with Silly Suppers

Its already the second month for our new tradition: Friday's Chef, where one kiddo each week gets to plan, shop for, cook, clean up, serve, and celebrate dinner that day.  It was my oldest's turn again and this time she chose Chicken Noodle Soup.

 Quite frankly, I was shocked about this selection.  No one in our family likes soups unless its the creamy kind and even then I have to get creative (Potato Soup is called "Mashed Potato Soup" in my house and when its orange [sweet potatoes] I call it extra cheesy- I do add a little cheese so its true).  I was happy she chose something different though and its a pretty simple recipe.  I'm not going to include a recipe on this one because its such a common one and well, we didn't actually like it!  We did, however, enjoy the process.

Her first time using a sharp knife to cut something like this by herself!  It was a big leap for me but she was totally ready.  She had fun learning to do something new and feeling even older.  She did great despite the carrots that were all over the floor.  

My 2 year old has to help cook every meal.  Here is breaking up the noodles for the soup.  I know this picture is a bit blurry but it totally expresses his joy for cooking.

Starting to cook the veggies for the soup.  Our last meal together was completely different so this was something new for her to do as well.

Starting to cook the veggies for the soup.  Our last meal together was completely different so this was something new for her to do as well.

We just ate our soup with crackers but the cookbook we used said to try popcorn!  

What do you like with your Chicken Noodle Soup?

Then it was time to celebrate dinner with our Silly Supper Jar.  Tonight's twist: Eat in the basement.

 When I made this strip, our basement was purely a playroom with toys.  Now it has a couch and a small table for the kids, etc. so it wasn't as unique as it would have been before but that was okay because we did have soup!  

We kept the rest of the meal simple since we'd have to carry it all around so it was just crackers and grapes.  

Then it was Topic Time! Tonight we talked about some I've already shared with you and about school since it had been a few days since we've been.  

So here are my questions for all of you tonight (post your answers in the comments):

1. What's your favorite way to keep from going stir crazy when its too cold outside?

 (Put on Mymo's Gym DVD- we got it free when we signed up at My Gym years ago and its still a popular DVD in our house.  It get the kids exercising which helps with all the wiggles and craziness but it also gets them to use their imagination which keeps the play going after the DVD is over.)

2. If you HAD to choose, which would you pick: Summer or Winter?

(Winter- I go crazy when I'm too hot but I don't mind putting on extra layers plus not so many allergens in the air)

3.  Do you have a favorite soup recipe or are you anti-soup?

(Mine is butternut squash soup- just squash, broth, and seasonings or Sweet Potato.  Love them)