Friday's Chef: Swedish Pancakes and Backwards Day

Snow!  We had so much snow today and loved it all.  It was supposed to be Artic Adventure Day at school so we had to just enjoy it outside instead!  We ended up building 2 small snow forts if you can even call them that and had lots of snowy fun.  I don't have very good boots though so I kept falling down and ended up completely covered in snow in the end.  It was the whole, lets pull these icicles out of your hair kind of covered.  Good times.  Needless to say though, I was ready to warm up once we came back inside.  Today, it was my oldest son's turn to cook (he's 4) and boy was he ready for his turn!  Together we made Swedish Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs.

Swedish Pancakes 

3 cups flour

2 T Sugar

1 t Salt

6 cups milk (but I usually do half water, half milk)

4 eggs

1 tsp Vanilla

1. Mix the flour, sugar, and salt together.  Slowly add the liquid in, whisking well so no lumps form.  I actually like to mix the first 2 cups in with my stirring spoon then change to a whisk after the next 2 cups so I don't get all that build up in the middle of the whisk. I add the vanilla at the very end.  You don't even really need it but I like the extra flavor.

2. Beat eggs in, 1 at a time.  

3. Heat an electric skillet (or nonstick frying pan) to medium high heat.  Spray or you can use butter to grease the pans (I like the spray better).  Pour batter on 1/3 cup at a time.  It spreads everywhere!  I read a recipe that has you put it in the fridge overnight and I guess that would keep it from spreading so much if you want to try it but personally I love the huge pancakes!  Cook until the edges are dry and the pancake starts to bubble up.  Cut up into smaller pancakes if necessary and flip.  Cook until its a pretty golden brown on the other side.  

4. Eat up with just syrup or add crepe like toppings such as fruit, yogurt, applesauce, whipped cream, etc.

I prefer the flavor of Swedish Pancakes over regular but they aren't as filling so you have to make more.  The above recipe feeds my family of 7 with only a few left overs.  We added scrambled eggs and fruit today so everyone would get fuller faster.

Did you know that today is also Backwards Day?  True story.  That's why we ended up doing another breakfast for dinner night.  Instead of picking out of our Silly Suppers Jar, we just went with the holiday.  We turned all the chairs around and either ate sitting towards the table with the chair back in our way or ate facing away from the table with the plates on our laps.  We also gave the kids the parent plates (the breakable ones) and the grown ups got the kid plates (the fun themed plastic ones).  The rest of the dinner we talked about other funny backward things to do too and what we will do in the snow tomorrow so we didn't need our topic jar tonight.  So instead, I'm going to pick some out of the jar now and we can discuss them here so we can get to know each other more (post your answers in the comments!):

1. What's your favorite thing about church?  (Receiving inspiration and personal revelation while listening to a lesson at church- the chance to strengthen my testimony and get recharged.)

2. If could pick where you would go on your mission, where would you pick and why? (A church history site!  I LOVE being a tour guide and I would be able to share my testimony with so many people everyday.  Seriously, I'm crossing my fingers for when I'm a senior missionary.)

3. If you could go anywhere in space, where would you go?  (Honestly, the thought scares me!  I would stay right here, thank you.  However, if I had to choose....Jupitar- I always liked saying that planet's name- who knows why.)