How to Make a Warm Christmas Greeting Instead of Just sending a card

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Soon your mailbox will be filling up with Christmas cards from around the world. Remember last year cards? The ones that really stood out were the ones that were personally made. They had the family photos, a cute message and yet still felt professionally made. Tiny Prints, makes it easy to personalize your cards and make them look amazing.

First decide which type of card you want to order (Invitation, Occasions, Announcements, etc). There are so many amazing choices. Some cards have foil embossed while others are laser cute for beautifully trimmed cards. Search through all the choices or narrow down your results by looking at specific themes, ages ranges, layout, and more. See a card you like but want to keep looking (just in case)? Click on the blue heart and Tiny Prints will save it to your favorites. You can click on your favorites to compare later. I like to look at the first page and last page first to get a good feel of all the different types of designs. 

Now the fun part! Making it more than just a card but a warm holiday greeting instead. In this case I'm making thank you cards for after Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can change the background colors, text, and all sorts of pictures. You can customize the front of the card, inside, and even the back! 

Get photos for your card from Shutterfly, Facebook, your computer, and all kinds of other photography sites. Tiny Prints really makes it easy to get your favorite pictures. It will take a couple of minutes to download everything depending on your connection- remember patience is a virtue (especially in this instant world).

Look how you can edit each individual photo right here! No other photo editing software needed! Change the coloration, zoom in or out, move it around, or even flip it! 

Once you are done making your card perfect, the fun isn't over. You can customize your envelopes too! Get your holiday cards to really get noticed with colors like gold or red! Or get the white ones printed with your return address already on them (talk about a time saver). 

Now for the really amazing part- as you review your final design, you can actually send it for a FREE designer review! They will make sure your pictures are looking great, you didn't overlook silly spelling errors, and give you the peace of mind that they really do look great! Wow, right?! If you are completely sure your cards are great, go ahead and just send them to print. I recommend taking advantage of the designer review, however, if you have the time. 

When you are ready to check out, you will have to make an account (having an account is free plus you can save your photos there). 

Love Live Chat features- this one is great.

Having problems along the way? Tiny Prints has Live chat available. I ran into a problem after I uploaded my photos. My photos were just not dragging down. After a live chat I discovered the problem was because I have a touch screen and was using Google Chrome. For some reason the combination just doesn't work. You can either disable the touch screen or use another browser like Firefox. I didn't have any problems in Firefox.