Friday's Chef: Ravioli and a Movie

My daughter has been waiting ALL month for her turn!  I booted her out on Valentine's Day so I could do something special instead.  The following week it was my other daughter's birthday so she got bumped AGAIN!  She was so ready to cook!  Unfortunately, she's also kind of miserable today since she is the last of the sick ones in our house.  So we decided to still cook but make it simple.  She had already chosen something pretty easy to cook thankfully- Ravioli with tomato sauce and veggies. 

In order to let her still be chef but also rest on the couch, I boiled the water and she poured in our packages of ravioli.  While she was up for the ravioli, she also poured some sauce in the pan to warm.  I did the rest.  I'm so glad she was still able to participate at least a little.  Since she really wasn't feeling good, instead of our normal Silly Suppers I asked her if she would like to be on the couch and we could all just watch a movie.  She got to pick the movie- surprisingly she picked "Night at the Museum" which we haven't watched in years.  Unfortunately, that means we didn't get to do a topic though- I always hate that.  

What meal time traditions do you have?