Friday's Chef: Sandwich Bar and Mystery Menu

3 months in and still going strong- woohoo!  How are your New Year's Resolutions going?  We are certainly not perfect but I love that we are still doing Friday's Chef and our FHE's based on the Primary 6 manual.  


This week, it was back to my oldest cooking and she was in the mood for a nice big special sandwiches.  I love that kind of meal.  We usually just set up a Sandwich Bar with extra nice fixings.  Here's some ideas for a Sandwich Bar:

French loaf of bread or try Ciabatta or homemade (always the best!)

Cheeses- Sliced from the deli like provolone, colby jack, or try some herb and garlic cream cheese

Meats- Chicken (we got 4 Pepper Cajun Chicken- so good), Ham, Salami (a family favorite), Herb Turkey

Veggies- Spinach, Lettuce (Romaine, Red, Green), Peppers, Sprouts, Tomatoes

Extras- Mayo, Butter

Sides- Salad, Chips, Fruit (grapes, kiwi, strawberries), Carrots

Usually, we just set it up on the counter and everyone makes their own but since my oldest picked out "Mystery Dinner" as our Silly Supper tonight, we had to do it differently.  She made a mystery menu and took orders for the first round then if anyone wanted to make adjustments we let them do it on their own.  

I encouraged my oldest to write silly names for the food to disguise it which she did a little but she also came up with her own idea- writing it backwards so they would have to hold it up to a mirror to read it.  However, while she wrote the word backwards, she didn't realize she'd also have to write the letters backwards so it was still a little mysterious in the mirror!  Goes with the theme, right?  My kids had fun ordering off the menu but they were concerned about getting something they didn't like which is why I stressed to just order and have fun then you can fix anything after you get it.  Turns out that even though they didn't get what they really wanted; they wanted to try it anyway!  Maybe I should try this more often with all their veggies!  

Topic Time! (add your answers in the comments!)

1. What's your favorite Article of Faith(This was really a test to see if they were remembering the ones that we had memorized...and they totally passed!  Woohoo!  Mine is #11 since it doesn't start "We Believe...")

2. If you could never do one chore again what would it be? (We just had this one a couple of weeks ago but we refilled our jar so got it again.  This time everyone came up with a different answer.  Mine this time- scrubbing toothpaste off of anything.  My youngest got into the toothpaste earlier and squirted it everywhere!) 

3. What is something you like about the mornings? (Brand new day with brand new smiles)