Friday's Chef: Gluten-free Hot Dogs Wraps with Magic Word Fun

We have SO many aprons.  To keep them all straight, everyone gets a peg on our pantry door. 

Hooray for Friday and another Friday's Chef!  Today we made Gluten-free Wrapped Hot Dogs.  Many people make wrapped hot dogs, or pigs in a blanket, with crescent rolls or a pastry kind of dough.  I prefer to make mine with regular bread dough (or regular gluten-free bread dough anyway).  I find its more like eating a hot dog in a bun and its more filling.  

Wrapped Gluten-free Hot Dogs

  • Gluten-free dough 
  • Gluten-free hot dogs or try some gourmet sausages
  1. Be sure to make your dough beforehand.  We just made ours in a bread machine- if you have a fabulous gluten-free bread recipe though, I'd LOVE to hear all about it!  Ours isn't bad but not great either.  
  2. Cut your hot dogs.  I like to cut my hot dogs up into fourths- once in half lengthwise and once across the width.  I find it means less hot dog and more bread which in this case is a good thing.  I don't like them to eat a ton of hot dogs (its not like they are great for you) so I fill them up with the bread.    
  3. Take a small piece of dough and roll it into a snake.  Wind the dough around each hot dog piece to cover as desired.  I cover the middles of the hot dogs and let the ends stick out.  You don't want it too thick around the hot dog because then the dough won't be cooked but the hot dog will be burnt.
  4. Cook at 350 for about 8 minutes- just until the dough is cooked through but before the hot dog burns.  
  5. Enjoy!  If your kids like it, draw some fun designs with ketchup, mustard, and relish on top.  

Today it was this daughter's first time using a sharp knife!  Woohoo!  I like this meal because its simple and quick enough as long as you have your dough ready.  I've tried those gluten-free refrigerated doughs but they don't work well for this kind of thing (and don't taste as good).  

Silly Suppers was nice and simple today: Magic Words.  Pick 1 or 2 magic words to use throughout dinner then pick a matching action.  Whenever someone says the magic word, everyone has to do the action.  We had a different action for each word.  My daughter chose "Gluten-free" and "Pie" since it was Pi Day.  If someone said "Gluten-free" everyone had to clap their hands.  If someone said "Pie" everyone had to pretend to eat pie.  This was SO much fun!  When one of my kids was describing her day, she kept taking long pauses to think so my husband and I would throw in these magic words.  It made her story super entertaining and we loved doing the actions.  Great time!  I highly recommend it!  

What magic words and actions would you use?