Friday's Chef: Dessert First and Hot dogs


Oh the excitement that still comes when its their turn to cook!  Today, it was my 4 year old son's turn.  I skipped him last month with everything going on and didn't think he'd notice....well, I was WRONG!  Today he finally got to make some hot dogs!  Yes, I know, hot dogs- not difficult but a good starting point for a 4 year old.  His special twist- he added sliced cheese to them.  Turned out people loved it.  Since its not really difficult to cook hot dogs, we made sure that he got to add the condiments before serving everyone.  We also made a fruit and veggie platter.  

Silly Suppers tonight though, may have stolen the spotlight.  Tonight was Dessert First!  We went out a few hours before dinner (so there would still be room for dinner) for ice cream!  There is this place that has the best prices on ice cream and you get a whole lot of it- everybody loves it.  That ice cream cone my husband has is a medium and yes, he ate the whole thing (and still isn't hungry).  


Tonight's topic conversation (answer in the comments):

  1. What would your dream bed be?  (A bed that would surround me with the perfect temperature, sound proofing, and black out)
  2. If you had to do one chore for the rest of your life what would it be? (Vacuuming as long as the floor was clean.  My response to my kids- "Super! That's your job for the next month")
  3. What do you like about one of your children? (Her brilliance)