A Few of My Favorite January LDS Things

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You've been asking so I'm answering! There are so many great LDS products, how do you know which ones are worth the time? Each month I'll share some my favorite LDS things to help answer your questions as well as some of my favorite finds. Do you have a favorite LDS site, product, or something else? Send me an email about it and I'll include a few next time. 

Image from Life's Journey to Perfection

Image from Life's Journey to Perfection

LDS Resource

I am constantly getting emails asking for Sharing Time resources. While it's not in Chicken Scratch n Sniff's near future, I can direct you to an already awesome resource. My friend, Kim from Life's Journey to Perfection puts together a monthly round up of all kinds of great sharing times. Bookmark her site- you won't be sorry. Start with her Ultimate List of LDS Sharing Time Ideas for January 2016.

image from LDSbookstore

image from LDSbookstore

LDS Movie

I'm in love with the movie, Once I Was a Beehive. I know it came out in August but I finally saw it over the Christmas break. It is so well done! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel like you've been to camp without the extra smell. If you haven't watched it yet, do! 

Image from Sexy Modest Boutique

Image from Sexy Modest Boutique

Sunday Outfit

There is always a need for great places to find beautiful and modest outfits. This skirt from Sexy Modest Boutique is beautiful! Simple with a little glam makes it perfect for church or a night out. Sexy Modest Boutique has a lot of great clothes. Be sure to check them out! 

Family Home Evening

This month we'll be playing LDS Scattergories for Family Home Evening. You can print off these free LDS themed cards from Keeping It Simple and play it too!

From Chicken Scratch n Sniff

By far your favorite post this past month. Print out 52 free scripture cards all focused on the Savior. Use them to ponderize, as a testimony journal, or one of the other great ideas. 

Your Turn- What are some of your favorite LDS things?