Free Coloring Pages to Share the Love with Your Ministering Families

Before you head out to visit your ministering families this month, print these free love themed coloring pages designed by Colette from Essence of Ink. Each coloring page has a quote about the love of the gospel, God’s love for us, or how we can love others.


These are the best kind of coloring pages- great design, inspired message, and they provide the perfect amount of coloring so you can do it all in one sitting. Before you print, be sure you have some fun coloring supplies too! These are some of my family’s favorites:

  • Glitter Markers- they add some shine and sparkle that is irresistible; best when combined with normal markers so it really pops!
  • If you want some shine without the sparkle, Metallic Markers are a good way to go. The gold is a bit darker than you would think but they are fun.
  • Looking for a lot of different shades? We love The Big 40 pack of Crayola Markers.
  • Prefer crayons? Santa gave me the Crayola Ultimate Collection of Crayons with 152 crayons. It includes a great carrying case, crayon sharpener, plus glitter crayons, metallic crayons, and neon colors. The glitter crayons don't really do much but I LOVE having so many shades.

Use these love coloring pages to fit the needs of your ministering families:

  • Deliver some sheets with some glitter markers as a quick pick me up or check in.

  • Have a coloring party! Invite them over and spend some time getting to know each other better while coloring. Plus it’s a great stress reliever!

  • Pack a bag with the coloring pages, crayons, and smelly markers for your ministering family to bring to church or on their next road trip.

  • Roll them up and tie it together with a sweet treat.

  • Base a message to share around one of the coloring pages. You can find the reference for each talk at the bottom of this post.

  • Print these on a sturdier paper and use watercolors instead!

It's a simple way to join with your families and let them know you love them and are thinking of them.

Find the following quotes on these five coloring pages:

Please remember when sharing, you can share this blog post but you may NOT link directly to the printable itself. Thank you for your support!

Be sure to check out more of Colette’s beautiful pages in her Etsy shop, Essence of Ink! She has great quote coloring pages from General Conference as well as other fun ones like the Cinderella quote above. And yes, there are some coloring pages without words too! I love her artwork!