Is Sex a Bad Word?

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My daughter and I had just finished another great conversation. She went off to brush her teeth and I settled in to write. Then she quietly asked, "Mom, is sex a bad word?" How would you have answered that question? Here was my response: "No, it's not. Sex is a good and beautiful thing but it is a private word." Her response- "Oh, that makes sense" and she went on her way. 

It's these little snippets of conversation that remind me of how grateful I am that we've already had several conversations about this topic. It is such a relief to know my daughter feels safe enough to come and ask me those types of questions and I'm comfortable enough to answer immediately. I admit, it took me some practice to get completely comfortable talking about this topic with my kids but I want to be their source of information. If they can't ask me, who are they going to ask? 

That's why I'm thrilled to have found 30 Days of Sex Talks by Educate and Empower Kids. It's an amazing resource to both you and your children that helps open the lines of communication. It is not okay to have just one or two sex talks with our children. It has to be an ongoing conversation if we are going to help them have healthy, intimate relationships and understand what that really means.

How this book empowers you and Your family:

  • 2 minute topics with key points- Each day is laid out with important bullet points and brief conversation starters and discussion questions. These books are designed so you can prepare for a conversation in 5 minutes. Breaking down the subject into small manageable parts, really helps you teach your child what they need to understand at that moment. You don't need to go through the book in order either- you can pick which topic is the right one for your family right now.
  • 3 different age categories: You can buy this book for ages 3-7, 8- 11, or 12+. Begin talking about intimacy at age 4 with as simple a topic as public vs. private things or discuss sexting at age 11. 
  • Glossary in the Back- Not because you don't know what it means but if you are stumbling over finding the right words to explain it, the glossary comes in handy. The definitions are straightforward and simple making everything easy to explain.
  • Beyond Sex- Yes, you have the birds and bees talk but this book also covers menstruation, body image, and being media savvy. These books help you arm your children with tools and knowledge to make good relationship choices. They remind you of other topics you should be covering but more than that, these books focus on building healthy relationships.
  • Resource list- Looking for more information but afraid of what Google search will reveal? In the back of each book there is a resource list helping you get to the right places. Check out the Educate and Empower Kids website as well- it's full of great articles like Creating a Media Guideline for Your Family and Teaching a Child with a Porn Addicted Parent.

I highly recommend 30 Days of Sex Talks to every parent. It is because of these mini conversations that my children know they can come and talk to me about anything. Don't skip the introduction either- there are some helpful tips and suggestions that will make them go smoother. Ready to start your conversation? Head over to to buy your copy. 

Your Turn- What tips do you have for talking about intimacy with children? What age did you start talking to your kids?