Take the 4 Weeks of Thanksgiving Challenge!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, families will be putting up thankful trees and lists of gratitude. Each list will include the basics- home, family, roof over your head. These lists are great but they are simply lists. They don't increase your gratitude very much; it simply puts it down on paper. If you are looking for a way to encourage your family to really be full of gratitude, challenge them to live a more grateful life with the 4 Weeks of Thanksgiving Challenge.


In this challenge you will be asked to focus on different types of blessings each week. And yes, you should make a list- write down the ones that come first to your mind then dive a little deeper and see how much more you can think of. Don't stop there though! Transform your list of gratitude into acts of thanks in each weekly challenge. With 18 pages of printables you will have more than you need to successfully complete each challenge as your heart swells with more gratitude.

Ways you use this Thanksgiving Challenge:

  • Family Home Evening- Do a challenge a week. Listing your blessings can take the place of your lesson while the challenge can be your activity.

  • Youth Activity Nights or Activity Days- Pick one of the four challenges for your activity night or do it as a group for the next month.

  • Extended Family Challenge- Challenge your family across the United States. Make a private Facebook Group and go over the first part of the challenges each week together. You can create a thread to list all your blessings. Then get each person or family to do the challenges. When each completes the challenge, post a photo of it in your group. Not only is a great way to increase the gratitude in your life but you will be building family bonds too.

  • Personal Challenge- Take the challenge yourself. Write down your blessings and experiences in your journal each week.

  • Primary Class Challenge- Prepare some of the printables ahead of time and do one of the challenges with your class during the month of November. You could complete an entire challenge at church together or send things home to do during the week- be sure to save time to follow up and share experiences the next week.

  • Gratitude All Year- Make a gratitude habit by keeping a basket full of thanks in your home. Make new things each month to refill your basket and grab it when you need.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Start this challenge the week of October 30 and you'll have a bunch to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't have to be November though to enjoy this challenge. Any time of year is a great time to show some gratitude.

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With 40+ pages of printables and loads of ideas, you’ll have the tools you need to successfully complete each challenge and transform your month. There are enough types of printables that you can easily make this a part of your yearly Thanksgiving traditions.

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