Why Books Make a Great Gift at Christmas

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Do you cringe when your child opens a present and it is so not what you wanted at all? Not like you have a whole lot of criteria- you really just want them to be happy but loud and obnoxious is definitely on your No-No list. What about the gifts that your kids open and you can just tell they are only going to play with it once then be done? Yep, we've all been there. I totally peek at all presents that my kids receive from others now. After the year my daughter opened up a big gift full of clothes that were all too small for her, it's just the smart thing to do. Avoid the cringe and hassle by finding the perfect gift instead (and sending your wishlist to others). At Usborne Books, you'll find something just right for your kids (or grandchildren). Usborne Books are seriously some of the best books out there. I save up and splurge on them for the holidays. Why are they so great? It's all about the quality- they have it in spades. 


What makes them the perfect gift?

Keeps Them Happy in the Car

Traveling this Christmas? Don't leave without one of these great activity books or sets. Once we bought the biggest sticker book they had and divided into 5 sections. Every child got one part and loved it. Sure they would have loved it even more if they had the whole book but even just a section of it kept them busy for hours. Plus after they were done, they got together to tell a whole story with their different parts.

Check out the Activity Cards too. The box is full of fun activities that you can do over and over again because they wipe clean! Talk about perfect for a family. You could loop them on a ring and switch packets back and forth or just hand out one card at a time. However you do it, they are sure to entertain. 

Keeps Them Quiet(er) at Church

So we are definitely not the quietest family at church, not from a lack of trying though- my kids just don't have a quiet voice. These books though, definitely will help keep the loudest of kids quiet.

Check out all the cool patterns on those Note cards! When they are done coloring them, you have personalized Thank You cards too. Have you seen these mix-and-match books? Keep this one in your purse for emergency situations or in Sunday bag. It is sure to come in handy and provide lots of smiles. 

Keeps Them Entertained the Week after Christmas

It's the week after Christmas and your kids have played with all their toys and are now officially bored again. Yep, it probably didn't even take a week. Sigh. That's when these books really come in handy though. Break out these activity sets that are loaded with fun and challenges. 

Don't you just love the 100 Paper Planes! You can have fun picking out which model to build, building it, and having all sorts of races and games. The Winter Activity Set comes with 4 books and lots of stickers- so fun!