Are You Teaching about President Howard W. Hunter?

Welcome to a new year of teaching about the Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! President Howard W. Hunter was the President of the Church for less than a year, 9 months actually. You'll find as you study his teachings though, you don't need to be the President for long to make a lasting impact. President Hunter was the one that encouraged us to make the temple a symbol of our lives- a great goal for the new year.

As you prepare to share President Hunter's teachings this year, please remember the Church's counsel in regards to teaching these lessons:

  • There will usually be more material than you can teach. Select what's most important according to your ward's needs. 
  • Encourage those you teach, to read each chapter in advance so they can be active participants in the lessons. Encourage them to share their thoughts, testimony, and questions throughout your lesson.
  • Seek to provide an atmosphere where the Spirit can dwell as you teach.
  • Spend time talking about the application of each lesson. To learn something good is fine but to apply it, that's life changing.
  • You don't have to use these teachings only for Sunday. Prepare Family Home Evenings, scripture studies, talks, and more with them.

At Chicken Scratch n Sniff, you'll find resources to help you in preparation to teach each chapter. While there will be many ideas and resources, please remember to keep the bulk of your lesson centered on the teachings found in the manual. For each chapter you'll find:

Music Suggestions

Make a playlist based on the music suggestions and listen to it while you prepare your lesson. Use music in your lessons Suggest a particular hymn for the opening song or plan a special musical number. Find a way to incorporate music into your lesson at least once this year.

Questions to Ponder

Review the questions before you read the lesson then again after. See how your answers change and what further insights you gain. These questions will be similar to the one in the manual plus additional ones. I recommend dedicating a notebook to writing down your answers to these questions each time. 

Study Guide

The Church has asked us to stick to the words of President Howard W. Hunter- that is who we are studying. However, you may find it helpful to study more on the topic before you present the material. For each chapter, I'll give you a 7 day study schedule with scriptures, videos, and other articles that relate to the topic. Some of these are appropriate to bring into your lesson and others are simply to expand your understanding of the topic. 

Teaching Ideas

Every single ward is different so I don't like to give you one way to teach the lesson. I'll share several ideas that you can adapt to the people in your area. Come share your ideas in our Private Facebook Group as well and help the other teachers throughout the world.

Teaching Videos

I'll share additional ideas and thoughts in videos via Periscope. I share teaching ones on Thursday afternoons. Some ideas are easier to explain through video. You can join me as I share these ideas live and ask your questions or watch the replays later. 


You can print these out for free. Send them to copy shop or print one out at home. I've included several different sizes to make it easier for you this year. When you click on the size, you'll be taken to an image. Save the image then print. You are welcome to use these for personal or church use only. If you want to share these images online, please use the ones with the Chicken Scratch n Sniff tag so others can find their way back here as well. 

Know when the next lesson is available by signing up for the Chicken Feed, the weekly newsletter. 

If you have any further questions, send me an email or contact me via our Facebook Page. Happy Teaching! 

Please share these helps with others!