Chapter 14: Hastening Family History and Temple Work

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While there will be some of you that have to teach this lesson with Chapter 13, I always think it is important to pause when something that seems similar in topic is broken into 2 chapters instead of using 1. When you dig deeper into each chapter, you can see how completely different they are. If you do have to teach it with Chapter 13, you might try to have two distinct sections in your lesson. You could also show how the purpose of the temple is a symbol for us as well. 


The thing that struck me the most with this lesson is how a lot of us are attending the temple but leaving with only half a blessing. If that's what half a blessing feels like, imagine getting the full benefit of attending the temple! It's interesting to note that doing our family history and temple work is essential to not only our family's salvation but our own. Why is doing temple work for our ancestors a vital part of our salvation? 

Teaching Ideas

  • A big resource for this lesson can be found in our #MyForeverFamily Challenge. There are 30 days of challenges with all kinds of printables and articles to help you navigate the family history world and engage your families. Discover resources by the daily challenge here or find more family history help by blogger here. You'll find everything from charts to get you started to games to get the whole family interested.
  • Watch my video for 4 ideas on how to teach this lesson. 
  • The Youth and Family History section on has excellent resources as well including more articles and videos to watch. It's a great place to see how you can involve the whole family and learn a little more yourself.
  • Make a tree on your board with obviously missing pieces- part of the trunk, a whole branch, etc. As you read quotes from the lesson, draw these pieces in. We are incomplete without our whole eternal families. You could also do this with a chain visual- have several links broken off so it is a lot of small chains instead of big long and strong one.
  • Take a few minutes and familiarize everyone with how to login to There have been a ton of advancements made over the years so doing family history and temple work is MUCH easier than it used to be. Show everyone how simple it is. Part of the lack of doing something is the fear of the unknown. Help them conquer that fear.
  • July 15-17 is a Worldwide Indexing Event hosted by For 3 days they are asking everyone to take time to index more names. The more names that are index, the more we can find more relatives to assist. Challenge your class to get involved! Read more about the event and get more printables about family history on my post about Indexing.

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  • Use the Half a Blessing handout with a few oreos to show the 2 halves of the blessings available to us as we do our family history and temple work. If you go to temple without a family history name, you get half an oreo. If you go to the temple with a family name you've researched, you get the whole thing. How much sweeter is your joy?
  • You could do your whole lesson based on halves to really drive the point home. If you hand out quotes, only give half. If you have a photo, show only half. You can give the other half after someone asks and see if you people notice by the time you get to that quote.

Questions to Ponder

  • How has temple work helped you come closer to God?
  • What is the purpose of the temple?
  • How does President Hunter's words in section 1 help you describe the purpose of temples?
  • Have you experience "both halves of the blessing" of family history research and temple work? If not, what goals can you make so you can? If so, how was your experience different than other times?
  • Why is going to the temple only half of the blessing? 
  • How can you get your family including children into family history work?
  • In what ways is family history and temple work hastening today?
  • How can you increase your participation in this work?
  • Do you know how to take a name to the temple? If not, who can help you learn?
  • How do temples help us better understand that God is just?

Suggested Study Schedule

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Howard W. Hunter Chapter 14: Hastening Family History and Temple Work 

Use a quote from the lesson with the poster pictured above. Click the image to print (same file as the one in the beginning of the post).


Isaiah 42:6-7

Malachi 4:5-6

1 Peter 3:18-20

1 Peter 4:6

D&C 2

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D&C 128:15-18

D&C 138:57-59

Watch: RootsTech 2015: The Promised Blessings of Family History (about 2 1/2 minutes)

Watch: Our Father's Plan is About Families (about 4 1/2 minutes) 


"Missionary, Family History, and Temple Work" by Elder David A. Bednar (includes several videos that you may want to use as well)


"Roots and Branches" by Elder Quentin L. Cook- "Hastening family history and temple work in our day is essential for the salvation and exaltation of families."


"The Book" by Elder Allan F. Packer "Family history and temple work should be a regular part of our personal worship."


"We Did This for You" by Sister Elaine S. Dalton "Temple works is the work that we have been prepared to do."


"A New Harvest Time" by President Russell M. Nelson This one is interesting to read as it was given in 1998. He mentions some of the advancements made to make family history and temple work easier. Now almost 20 years later there have been a lot more. It has never been easier! We can do this!