Chapter 2: "My Peace I Give unto You"

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"Where can I turn for peace? Where is my solace?" (Hymn #129) Perfectly understandable questions in today's world, 20 years ago, 200 years ago, 2,000 years ago. In Howard W. Hunter Chapter 2: "My Peace I Give unto You" we are reminded that there is only one way to true peace in this life, through Jesus Christ. Satan has put out many deceptions concerning peace. He wants us to focus on what is going on around us. He wants us to believe that only when everything is perfect, can we have peace. Guess what? That's not going to happen! So Satan will try to get us to look for more outward things to make up for that lack of peace which only leaves us with more turmoil than before. However, if we turn to Jesus Christ, we know that we can have peace no matter what is going on around us. Life doesn't have to be perfect for us to be at peace.

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I love the scripture story about Peter walking on the water. There is so much we can learn. Peter has the faith to get out of the boat and walk on water. He is walking towards the Savior but when he takes his eyes off the Savior and starts focusing on the waves and storm, he begins to sink. We need to keep our focus on Christ at all times. It doesn't matter how big the wave is, our focus should always be Christ. It is that focus on Christ that will get us past those waves, make them smaller, or calm them completely. When Peter focuses too much on the fears and doubts, he begins to sink, however, he knows exactly who to call on to help him. Jesus immediately comes to his aid. Christ can help us find peace, comfort, and help when everything around us seems like a lost cause. Only when we  choose to focus our attentions on other things does fear and turmoil seep into our lives. 

Please note that these images are for church and personal use only. You may send them to a copier to be printed. However, you may not post them on another site unless you use the tagged image and link back to this post (this includes on social media). Thanks! 

I know of nothing more comforting than the knowledge that Christ overcame the world. We can be of good cheer, we can leave fear behind. Because Christ is our Savior, hope and peace is born. There will always be something to worry about but there is also always the option for peace instead. 

Teaching Ideas and Thoughts

  • This Peace Be Still coloring page would be such a great handout for this lesson especially with adult coloring pages being all the rage. Encourage people to color this page when they aren't feeling peaceful as a reminder that they can choose peace. 
  • Have you been through a blackout? Did you have the candles and batteries you needed? The concept of a light never going out is a little difficult for us to understand. Eventually everything goes out. Christ's light does not. What does change though is our direction towards that light. If we are having problems seeing it, maybe we are facing the wrong way. 
  • What is 1 thing you can do today to make the world a more peaceful place? What can you do tomorrow? Can you do one thing a day for a week? We can help cultivate an environment of peace through our choices- being more kind, more forgiving, less angry, more gentle. Write ideas on the board or have everyone write down a goal on a piece of paper. 
  • Focus your lesson around the last supper. President Hunter points out several things that Jesus does for his disciples to make sure they knew where to turn for peace. He showed them, taught them, and reminded them. Pull the details out of the story and talk about what Christ was about to do next and what He knew the disciples would have to endure.
  • Chat about new year resolutions. What goals did people choose in order to make their lives more beautiful? President Hunter tells us that when we help those that offend us and pray for those that unrighteously use us our lives can be beautiful (section 2). Let's add those to our list of goals.
  • Notice that it isn't just unrighteous living that causes inner turmoil, it is also indifference. Not choosing is just as dangerous as choosing poorly. It is a choice that Satan is using to deceive many today. We have to make choices and not put them off (section 2). 
  • I love President Hunter's point that Christ's "ship was tossed most of his life." We so often think that it's easy for so and so to feel peace, he doesn't have to deal with such and such. And you're right, he isn't dealing with what you are but all of us have problems- small problems, big problems, completely overwhelming problems. No one is immune and most of us are completely oblivious to each other's problems. Christ had trials throughout His life but He still chose inner peace and so can we. Stop comparing your life to others and choose that peace.
  • #ASaviorIsBorn video would go great with this lesson as well. Because we have a Savior, we can have peace. 
  • Start your lesson talking about everything that is going wrong in the world. Cut out newspaper articles and put them on the board (don't spend too long though). Then hang up a picture of Christ in the middle of it all. As we focus on Christ, the rest isn't as scary. Our focus makes a big difference.
  • Still looking? Try The Ready Resource for Relief Society. It includes quotes, summary, and handouts for every lesson. I personally have never seen these in person, however, since several of you have recommended it, it's worth mentioning. 
  • See 4 more ideas for teaching in the video below.

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Questions to Ponder

Read these questions before you start studying the lesson then again after. Write your answers then outline your lesson.

  • How have you learned that the only source of true peace is Jesus Christ?
  • What do you need to do in order to receive true peace?
  • In what ways does loving others bring you peace?
  • How does living the principles of the gospel give you peace?
  • What does "unconditional surrender" to the Savior mean? Why is it necessary for peace?
  • How has the Savior given you rest from your burdens?
  • What does the story of Peter walking on water teach you about finding and keeping peace?
  • In what ways has the Savior helped you be of good cheer and not afraid during difficult times?
  • What are your eyes fixed on? 
  • What lies does Satan tell us about peace?
  • What do you do when your heart is troubled?
  • In what ways does serving others bring peace into your life? 
  • How can you be kinder, slower to anger, more forgiving? How else can you help give peace?

Study Guide

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Howard W. Hunter Chapter 2: "My Peace I Give unto You"


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