Chapter 24: Following the Example of Jesus Christ

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Howard W. Hunter Chapter 24: Following the Example of Jesus Christ is the perfect lesson for Christmas. There is so much you can do with this lesson- remember to pray about what your class specifically needs before getting carried away with all the preparation.


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This is also a great lesson as we get ready for the New Year. As we leave this lesson we shouldn't feel overwhelmed and inadequate but encouraged to do better and ready to set goals to develop more Christlike attributes. Remember even baby steps help us move forward.

Teaching Thoughts

  • The first paragraph in the manual talks about living after the pattern of the Savior. Use this pattern theme by creating a recipe. You can ask people what goes into a chocolate chip cookies or another familiar recipe. Then ask what goes into creating a Christlike life. Print out the attribute cards from Let's Get Together to use as your ingredients and discuss them in further detail. At the end of your lesson, pass out the treat you discussed with the star tag above.
  • Allow everyone time to take the Christlike Attributes quiz at the end of Preach My Gospel Chapter 6. If you want a prettier one, use the version by All Things Bright and Beautiful. Take time to go through some of the questions and discuss them further.
  • Section 1 talks about being a light, being an example. Use my star handout above with a candle (birthday, battery operated, or large) to talk about how we all can be stars brightly shining. 
  • In section 2 it says, "Only Christ can be our ideal, our 'bright and morning star.'" Make the above origami handout to talk about ways Christ is our "bright and morning star." The origami star takes 8 sheets of paper. I made the one above using the pattern paper you can print by clicking my image above. Inside each one, write down a Christlike attribute, one of the 10 examples listed in section 1, or questions from the manual. Hand out the folded pieces to different people in your class. Have each one read it outloud and discuss then bring the paper to you. Assemble the complete star as each one is answered. At the end of class you can tape it to the board and tie it into the "bright and morning star" quote. The origami isn't very hard- it just looks like it. I used these directions. If you get stuck, it's probably because you missed a fold. Double check.
  • Throughout the manual it repeatedly asks the question, "What would Jesus do?" I prefer the question, "What would Jesus want me to do?" because we all have different talents and different callings in life. Yes, we need to follow Christ's example- be obedient, be full of faith, hope, and charity, etc. However, the way we go about those things is different because we are all different. We build the kingdom using our own unique talents. 
  • Section 2 also challenges us to seek opportunities for service. If we "first observe, then serve" we can find those opportunities. However, if you need more ideas you can search for different projects at I love this site because you can narrow your search by the time you have and location, including projects to do at home. 
  • In section 3 the question it, "Whom say ye that I am?" (Matthew 16:15) is brought up. Start your lesson with this question- both in reference to the Savior and if your class was to ask that about themselves. What are the answers you would get? Chart it out on the board or have each person write their answers down on a sheet of paper. There will be similarities but we will obviously be lacking as well. What things can we do to start closing that gap? 
  • Recite the Young Women's motto in connection to the end of section 3 where we all are striving to stand as witnesses of God always. 
  • We all need to make room for Christ. You can teach this principle several different ways. The Forgotten Carols has a song that talks about letting Christ in and making room for Him. With permission from your Relief Society President you could play a recording of the song or ask someone to perform it. You could also use part of this Christmas Devotional about the innkeeper. It includes a free poster to print.
  • Continue to tie this lesson into Christmas by asking, "What gift will you give to Christ this year?" Use part of this wise men Christmas devotional handing out the "What will you give" sheets at the end for people to record their own answers. 
  • Talk about Christ's example by referencing His different titles such as Wonderful, Counselor, etc. You can even give out these cute treats at the end.  Divide into groups and assign a name to each one. Have them come up with a scripture example and what we can learn from the name. 
  •'s Christmas campaign #LIGHTtheWORLD ties in nicely with this lesson as well.
  • 4 more ideas are presented in the video below. Join the discussion in my Private Facebook Group as well.

Questions to Ponder

  • How has the Savior's example influenced you? Review the many ways outlined in section 1 then answer this question again.
  • What can you learn from His example during the last part of His mortal life?
  • How can you be more courageous in following the Savior's example?
  • How can you teach your family to be more courageous in following His example?
  • What does section 3 teach you about following Jesus Christ?
  • How might your life be different if you did not have the influence of the Savior's teachings and example?
  • How can you make your religion more a part of your daily living? In what ways do you exclude it?
  • How do you make room for the Savior in your life? How can you make more room?
  • In what ways have you been blessed as you have made more room for Him?
  • What would Jesus have you do?

Suggested Study Schedule

Please remember these articles are to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your testimony of this principle. They are not to replace your lesson in shape or form. Most the words you teach should still be from the manual. 

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Howard W. Hunter Chapter 24: Following the Example of Jesus Christ


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Watch: Teachings of Howard W. Hunter: A Christ-Centered Life (about 1 1/2 minutes)

Watch: Christlike Attributes (about 3 minutes)


"Be an Example and a Light" by President Thomas S. Monson


"'I Have Given You an Example'" by Elder Richard G. Scott


"What Thinks Christ of Me?" by Elder Neil L. Andersen


"Our Perfect Example" by President Henry B. Eyring


"'What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be?'" by President Howard W. Hunter