Chapter 9: The Law of Tithing

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Do you believe in the power of the law of tithing? I wonder if we sometimes take the blessings that it provides for granted. In Malachi we learn,

“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” 

NOT ENOUGH ROOM TO RECEIVE IT! Do you believe that statement? Have you noticed that statement in your life? If not, I challenge you to start writing down all the blessings you have received as you've faithfully paid your tithing. As is often the case, once you start writing, you'll have a hard time stopping. That's why I've created for you this month a Tithing Blessings envelope. 

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Each time you notice a blessing, write it down and put it in this envelope. Before you pay next time, go back and read those blessings and add to it as you recognize more. I have tried to be observant of the blessings as they've come but every time I stop to reflect, I realize how many more blessings I haven't even began to be grateful for yet. I love Elder David A. Bednar's talk that I'm sharing with you in the Study Schedule below. It opened my eyes to so many more blessings that I didn't even realize. How funny it is to have blessings that are unrecognized. Have you done this? As we begin to recognize those blessings they take on a great power in our lives. I know that tithing is a huge blessing in my life. I know that I can not afford not to pay it. Can you?

Teaching Thoughts

  • Use the above handout to focus on the blessings that tithing brings. If you're teaching the men, you may want to skip the envelope but still print the cards. As you start to actually record the blessings noticed from paying tithing, you'll begin to see even more and understand that you truly can't afford not to pay it. 
  • Start by talking about other extras we pay for like tips at a hair stylist or restaurant, bonuses at Christmas, etc. Each one of those require a little extra configuring. With tithing it's simple and straightforward. It's not based on performance and it doesn't adjust for inflation. You can also talk about where that money goes in both examples.
  • Start with a scripture story about tithing. President Hunter mentions a few but there are several more. Maybe share one where it was more of a struggle or not done correctly. Then jump into the manual.
  • Ask a few people beforehand to share a personal experience with the law of tithing. 
  • Join me for more thoughts about this chapter in a podcast with Grady from This Mormon Life.
  • Share why people are often offended when they discover their present was a regift. It didn't cost the giver anything- they didn't go pick it out at the store; they didn't spend any money; they didn't put a ton of thought into it; they didn't pick something especially for them. While there may be some arguments for regifting, the point is, we shouldn't just regift something to the Lord. We want to give our tithing in a way that shows our true devotion and does cost us something. You could even have someone give you something in class then turn around and give it to someone else then they give it to someone else, etc. A gift of tithing should come with thought even if we do pay it online.
  • If your ward can pay online, take a couple of minutes to go over how to do that. It doesn't take long. 
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Music Ideas

"Because I Have Been Given Much"- Hymn #219

"We Give Thee But Thine Own"- Hymn #218

"Keep the Commandments"- Hymn #303

"How Gentle God's Commands"- Hymn #125

Questions to Ponder

  • How would you define tithing?
  • How is tithing simple?
  • In what ways is tithing hard?
  • How does knowing the history of tithing influence your feelings of it?
  • Why do you need to understand that the law of tithing "has been and is a universal law"?
  • In what do you give a gift but also fulfill an obligation as you pay your tithes?
  • How do you show your love for the Lord as you pay your tithing?
  • In what ways is paying tithing a privilege? What can you change if it feels more like a burden?
  • Why should an offering to the Lord cost the giver something of value?
  • How can any challenge or hesitation be resolved when it comes to paying tithing?
  • What blessings have you seen as you've been paid your tithing?
  • What is your testimony of tithing?