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Beyond Geography


"Come unto Him"- Hymn #114


John 4:46-54

The following is found in the New Testament Student Manual:

John 4:46–54. Jesus Christ’s Healing Power Is Not Limited by Geographical Proximity

The account of the nobleman who approached the Savior in Cana is recorded only in the Gospel of John (see John 4:46–54). This nobleman manifested significant faith in the Savior in at least two ways. First, although his home, Capernaum, was about 20 miles (32 kilometers) away from Cana, he made the journey to implore the Savior for His help. Second, when the Savior assured him that his son would live, the nobleman “went his way,” trusting the Savior’s word (John 4:50). Elder Bruce R. McConkie noted: “Though he was in Cana, Jesus gave the command and the nobleman’s son, some twenty miles away in Capernaum, was healed. By the power of faith the sick are healed regardless of their geographical location. God is God of the universe; his power is everywhere manifest” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:159).


The Tender Mercies of the Lord (about 4 minutes)


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Do we sometimes want a sign instead of holding on to our faith? How can we continue to rely on faith instead of others and miracles? How did the nobleman show great faith? Are we showing that kind of faith?

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