How Going to Church Can Make You a Great Missionary

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I have a very firm belief that we all need missionary work. Normally, we tend to focus on those not of our faith, but strengthening the testimonies of active members, and helping bring back the testimonies of less active members, is just as important. Here are some suggestions on how to be actively involved in church, and thus spiritually nourish those around you:

  1. Participate in Sunday School and your other classes. Answer the teacher’s questions and give personal experiences.
  2. Bear your testimony when prompted. Once, after I bore my testimony of Joseph Smith in Relief Society, a dear sister told me that she felt the Spirit testify to her of Joseph Smith being a prophet.
  3. Fulfill your callings. It doesn’t matter what calling you have – you can bring friendship, encouragement, and the Spirit to those you serve. 
  4. Do your home teaching and visiting teaching. For some families, your messages may be the only spiritual food they partake of. I know that by doing this faithfully, you will also develop a greater love for others, and for God.
  5. Volunteer to do compassionate service. Sometimes it can be hard to take time out to bring someone a meal or pay someone a visit, but it can be so rewarding to you and the person you are serving. Once, my husband and I brought a meal to a less active family, and because of it, we formed a friendship and a fond admiration for a couple we would not have otherwise met.
  6. Visit the Gospel Essentials class periodically. Your light and testimony may help investigators and new members feel the Spirit testify to them.
  7. Share your talents when you can to help uplift and strengthen others’ testimonies. 

By doing all these things, you will bring the joy of Christ to members and investigators alike. You will also have the added blessing of strengthening your own faith and testimony. Actively participating in church is missionary work!

Your Turn- What other ways can you help strengthen those around you while at church? 

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