52 Scriptures to Help You Remember the Savior All Year #ASaviorIsBorn

Why do you need a Savior? What does having a Savior mean to you? This year, as you celebrate the birth you of Jesus, consider why you do so. Mormon.org's video below reminds us of what a necessity the Savior is.

As you continue to contemplate what it means to have a Savior, take the time to study the words about the Savior in the scriptures. Here are 52 scriptures to assist you in your study. There are 52 different scriptures so you can continue to make Christ the focus of your life each week throughout the year. Use these scripture cards as you ponderize each week, for a monthly family theme, or use them in your scriptures. These free scriptures cards are sized to be printed 4 to a page so you can easily carry them with you. 

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Print the scripture cards in a smaller keychain size here.

Discover 10 ways you can use these scripture cards below.

  1. Ponderize! 52 scriptures means you have enough scriptures to ponderize all year.
  2. Read them when you are angry, sad, or lonely. This was my daughter's idea and I love it!  Slip one into your child's binder, keep one at work, or tape one to the dashboard of your card to read when frustrations are high.
  3. Decorate with them! Put them on the wall or add them to your Christmas place setting.
  4. Make a Scripture Chain- leave yourself a scripture chain with these 52 cards. It gives you more room to write your thoughts as well.
  5. Testimony Journal- Read a scripture a week then write your testimony on the back of each one. By the end of the year you have an amazing resource to reflect on.
  6. Pass Along Cards or Notes- Leave them at Home or Visiting Teaching visit, keep some in your purse to pass out to friends. 
  7. Gift Tags and Postcards- Use them as a gift tag for Christmas with a message on the back. They are perfect for Christmas! In fact you can slip some in with your Christmas letters or use them as postcards (I bet your missionary will love them too).
  8. Lessons- These cards testify of Christ. If you have a lesson that focused on the Savior, use these cards to help you teach or as a handout. 
  9. Create a Quiet Book- Use the old church magazines or head to LDS.org to print out pictures of Christ and pair them up with these scriptures.
  10. Spread the Word- Hold one up and take a selfie. Share on instagram or Facebook with your testimony and the hashtag #ASaviorIsBorn Share a different one every week! 

Your Turn- How will you use these cards this year? 

Please share these cards (and the video) with others.