Build Your Own Christmas Scenes

Christmsapagesex (1).jpg
Christmsapagesex (1).jpg

Build Your Own Christmas Scenes


Don't just tell the Christmas story, build it! With Build your own Christmas Scenes, you and your family will learn the Christmas story as you color and assemble each scene. Discuss the significance and similarities in each scene with your family. You get 4 amazing scenes to create in this kit:

  • The Nativity
  • Wise Men Coming 
  • Shepherds See the Angel
  • Nephite Land

Build Your Own Christmas Scenes are great for church lessons, family home evenings, and Christmas devotionals. 

4 backgrounds with 4 pages of characters to cut and glue on. 

Other places would charge you at least $8 for something like this. Because I much rather you be able to enjoy this than worry about the price you can get this 70% less than other places. (Plus who doesn't like a good deal?)

Yes- I Want It!

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