August's New Testament Reading Chart

Welcome to August where we jump into the epistles of the New Testament using our Come Follow Me manual. This is a time some start to lose interest as there is no story line to follow. However, there are some great scriptures in these epistles! Use my free printable August reading chart to keep your family motivated.


My scripture reading charts have a number for each day of the month. Rather than focus on how much each person needs to read every day, these charts encourage the daily habit. Use these reading charts to:

  • Encourage family scripture study. Hang it on your wall and color it in every day you read.

  • Keep track of your personal reading habit.

  • Inspire your church class to read along throughout the week.

  • Focus on the habit of daily prayer instead.

Pick a goal before you start so you can cheer each other on as you read throughout the month. Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when you miss a day but if you have a 90% fill in goal, it’s easier to keep going when you make a mistake. In our family, we also reward with a bigger treat like a special trip to the ice cream store for those that accomplish the goal. It’s a great motivator to develop a great lifelong habit.

Make the Coloring Special

Make coloring in each day even more fun when you break out the special coloring supplies used only for your chart. These are some of my favorites:

  • Crayola Glitter Markers- I LOVE using these. It adds that extra shimmer and makes it so much fun. There are only six in a pack and they are more expensive. I haven't tried another brand yet as I'm afraid they won't work as well. They make a great stocking stuffer too.
  • Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection- If you love crayons, this is a great pack to get. It comes in a very handy carrying case (sharpener included) and has all the colors you need including neon, glitter, and metallic. The glitter ones though don't really do much.
  • Mr. Sketch Scented Markers- The best smelling markers around- or at least from the ones I've tried. Watch out for colored noses though!

This month’s reading chart also comes with a guide to help you find the numbers each day as well as understand what all the objects mean in the picture. And, of course, there is one without numbers if you want to just have fun coloring instead.