So  you have a question...

1. I'm having problems downloading the files

Most of my files are in pdf form which means you need Adobe to access them. Head over here to make sure you have the latest update. I recommend not installing the extras that come with Adobe- just Adobe itself. If you have Adobe and keep getting an error- try another browser. Products in the Market are emailed to you with a 24 hour only link. If you missed the deadline, email me. Most products in the Market are also zip files (compressed). This means you need to unzip it before you can access the file. If you don't unzip it, you'll get an error message. Often zip files will also open in a new window. You may have your browser set to block new windows from opening so you will need to allow this site to open a new window in order to download it. To read more about how to unzip a file, please see this site. 

2. Am I allowed to change your graphics to suit my class?

Sorry but No. A lot of these graphics are custom made for this site only. They are not allowed to be alter or used in any other way. You may NOT post them anywhere else. You would be breaking the law. See more about this site's copyright here. If you have a customization request, however, email me and we can work out a price. Thanks!

3. Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Private Groups- What's the difference and where do I find them? 

  • Facebook Fan Page- This means you like Chicken Scratch n Sniff enough to show it. You will discover church news stories, quotes, lesson tips, etc. It'll show up in your daily feed if you like the status updates- if you don't, my posts will disappear from your feed.
  • Private Facebook Group- Talk about your General Conference discussions here- do you have questions, need some guidance on a different Conference talk, want to see how other people are handling their discussions, or want to share your ideas? This is the place to do it! It's private so only those in the group see what you post and it is easier to share ideas. You have to ask to join- answering the questions speeds up your approval process and lets us know you are a real person.
  • LDS Primary Farm- Come discuss your Primary lesson each week here. Share your ideas, thoughts, questions, and learn from others. It's a great go-to resource. This is a private group in order to keep the spam out and allow you to freely discuss these lessons. Please answer the question when joining to speed up the approval process.
  • 4th Sunday Teachers- Come join our group especially for those 4th Sundays. Again, it's a private group so make sure you answer the question. Please answer the question when joining to speed up the approval process.
  • NEW! First Sunday Councils- Discuss topic ideas, tips, and questions in our new group dedicated to help you have great councils every first Sunday. Please answer the question when joining to speed up the approval process.

4. One of the links you shared doesn't work- where can I find it?

This happens sometimes simply because websites are always evolving. did quite a few changes that moved around all the videos and some of the activities. The titles I give you in the lesson suggestions are the exact ones I find on so all you have to do is type that into's search box and you should find it pretty quickly. If it's giving you a lot of results, you can narrow down your search by category- video, music, magazine. Most of the activities come from the Friend. 

5. When will you have the next lesson available?

As soon as I possibly can. As I have been recently diagnosed with APL Leukemia, it is going to take me longer. However, I know how important it is to have these resources ahead of time so you can plan your lessons. I try my best to stay ahead of schedule. Most of the lesson updates happen on Tuesdays so come back on Wednesday if I don't have what you want up yet. Please understand, however, it's only me writing all these lesson helps. It takes time and I have 5 young kids. If something isn't up yet and you really need to know when it will be available, please be kind in your requests. Thanks!

6. Do you give refunds?

Due to the digital nature of my products, I do not. I make each product as inexpensive as possible and give you as many details as I can about the product beforehand so you know what you are getting. The price of the products depend on the hours put into it, resources used, and graphics. If you have questions about any products, email me before you buy it. I do want you to be happy with your purchase so if there is a problem, please email me and let's see what we can do to fix it.

7. I signed up for your newsletter but never get them.

If you don't add my email ( to your contacts, it'll eventually go to spam. Opening The Chicken Feed regularly also keeps them out of your junk box. If you have gmail, you may notice these emails in your Promotions folder instead. Still not seeing them? You may have entered your email wrong or forgot to confirm your subscription. Try subscribing again. I also occasionally delete subscribers that no longer open their emails. I always send you one last notice to see if you want to stay on the list but if you don't click the button in that email, you are unsubscribed. You can always subscribe again. 

8. My handouts keep getting cut off.

There is an easy fix to this. Before you print, click on fit to page option. If it still doesn't work, you can also adjust your printer setting margins. 

9. Why is this site called Chicken Scratch n Sniff? 

It's a long story. Let's just say it all started with a children's show and a high school nickname- I started my blog as a lonely mom, not a LDS blogger but the name has stuck. Find out more about me and this site here. 

10. I'm seeing horrible ads on your site. What's going on?

I run ads so I can pay for the costs of running this website. With your help, we can keep them uplifting. Unfortunately, some not so favorable ads find ways to sneak in every now and then. I'm sorry you had to see them. Because there are so many devices and ads out there, the best way to keep the bad ads out is with your help. PLEASE use the "Report this Ad" link found under each ad. Fill out the form that pops up with as much information as possible. It's extremely helpful. Thank you! 

Not the answers you were looking for? Email me- I'll respond within 72 hours. 

Please remember to be as specific as possible. Include the manual you are using and lesson number or the specific page url. Thanks!

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