Come Follow Me Podcasts to Help You Study

Come Follow Me requires us to study more. Before you can teach your family or church class, you need a firm grasp of the principles so you can discuss them freely and confidently. Try one of the many podcasts available to help deepen your understanding of the scriptures. And when you need a quick thought or study, follow my Instagram for little tidbits and insights throughout the week.


What are Podcasts and How to Listen

Podcasts are digital audio or video recordings that can be downloaded from a website or app to a media player or computer. Think of it like a radio show or class that you can download and listen to when or where you want. They can be great to help you learn more about specific subjects and further your study.

To listen to podcasts, you usually just need an app. iPhones automatically come with an app for podcasts. Androids devices can use Google Play Music to listen to podcasts. However, you can also download additional podcast apps. There are a ton of them. Just search podcasts in your Google Play or Apple Store and download the app that fits your style.

Once you have the app you like best, you can start searching for podcasts! Just use the search function. There are podcasts about everything! Try an episode out and see if you like it. If you do, subscribe to that channel so you know when the new episodes come out! Another great thing about podcasts is you can play them via your Google Home or Amazon Echo which means it’s easy for your family to listen with you as you fold laundry together. You can also listen on your computer.

When asked in our private Come Follow Me Facebook group, these are the top podcasts recommended to enhance your personal study. If we left one out, please add them in the comments. One thing to be aware of as if you choose to search on your own for more to follow is some will appear to regular podcasts for Latter-day Saints but will actually be anti. So try one at a time and be sure you are listening to the good ones!

Most Recommended Come Follow Me Podcasts

  • Come Follow Me for Us is a weekly podcast by Melanie Wellman. These are usually 45 minutes long

  • Don’t Miss This is a video version over on YouTube. Emily Belle Freeman and Dave Butler share their thoughts each week. They are usually one week ahead so that helps. They also send out basic worksheets to help you continue to discuss with your family if you subscribe to their newsletter.

  • The Scripture Study Project podcasts are about 30 minute episodes. This one is done by a husband and wife team, Zach and Krista, who love to talk about the scriptures.

  • Meridian Magazine has a weekly podcast as well. This is another husband and wife team, Scot and Maurine Proctor. Each episode is about 30-40 minutes

  • Stumbling as I Follow- a Come Follow Me Podcast is one more many recommended. It’s about 30 minutes.

  • 29th Floor Sunday School is another one on YouTube instead. These are about hour long videos with further insights.

  • Gospel Talktrine is about hour long each week pulling on historical and doctrinal insights.

Others Come Follow Me Podcasts to Consider