Play Fire Sweeper for Family Night this Week

Are you ready to have a blast during this week's family night? Fire Sweeper is easily played by most ages and can be customized to your needs. Best of all, it's free! 

Play this new game- Fire Sweeper! Would be great for FHE or LDS Primary classes!

To Play

  1. Turn all cards upside down and mix. 
  2. Lay the cards out in a grid fashion. If you are putting the squares on a board, you can label your grid to easily identify which squares to turn over.
  3. Turn one square over at a time. If you get an action card, follow it. If you get a blank card, you are safe. If you get a fire, there is some sort of consequence. 

Fire Consequences

You can make the fires good or bad depending on what your overall goal is. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Answer an question based on your family night lesson.
  2. You lose one life (Start the game with 3 lives).
  3. You get a point.

Print your copy in black and white or color. I recommend either printing your cards on a durable paper like card stock or gluing them onto construction paper when you are done so you can't see through the paper and cheat. You will want to print several copies of the blank squares.

It's up to you how many cards you want to put out at a time. It's harder the fewer cards you use. You can also adjust the difficulty with the amount of fires and action cards. I originally planned it for 6 fires and 6 action cards with 49 cards total. 

This game would also be great to use in a Primary lesson. Before your class can turn over a square, have them answer a question. They get one point for every blank square they turn over and lose five points for every fire they find. 

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