"How Can I Understand?" by Elder Ulisses Soares Questions to Ponder

Looking for questions to help you study and discuss “How Can I Understand?” by Elder Ulisses Soares? Look no further! Discover a bunch of volunteer submitted questions below.

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Thanks to Linda Mangus and another volunteer for providing these great questions for us!

Questions to Ponder

  • As I listen and study a talk, I always write out key words, phrases, topics, etc. This talk could easily have a lot of messages taught.

    • Missionary Work

    • Increasing faith

    • Seeking Learning

    • Being an example to others or role model

    • Hope

    • Learning more about the gospel and teaching it to others

    • Strengthening others in their conversion

    • Being nonjudgmental to those who have fallen off the path

    • Staying on the path

    • Knowing our foundation and building on it

    • Blessings from living the covenant path

    • Building your testimony

    • Scripture Study

    • Loving all God's children

  • What can we do to make our homes scared places? Are we doing enough or are there changes that we could make? Is the Lord reflected in our home enough?

  • Are we making our homes the center of gospel learning? Do we study as a family and individually? What changes can we make to improve the study practices in our homes? Are there sacrifices that we are willing to make or haven't made to make our homes the center of gospel learning?

  • Do our actions reflect what we believe? If not, what changes can we make? How can we help those we minister to make those changes?

  • How do we root our life to the rock of Jesus Christ? Are we solid in our foundation of the gospel? What changes can we make to be more solid? What can we do to help others with their foundation?

  • How has the gospel transformed your heart? Can you share your experiences about it with others? How can you help others transform their hearts through the gospel?

  • As you seek to learn more of the gospel of Jesus Christ, how can you help teach others? Does it help you seek out more knowledge when you understand this is a commandment? How can we help strengthen others testimonies as we teach them?

  • In the Family: A Proclamation to the world it says; "parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness and to teach them to always observe God's commandments" Does this knowledge help ignite a desire to teach your children and your children's children more?

  • As you seek learning and are willing to share with others does it help build your testimony of the gospel? How can this help us with family and friends who have strayed from the path?

  • We often assume that reading and studying are at the center of learning. While they are essential, what does the story of the Ethiopian eunuch suggest about how we might improve our ability to learn about and teach the gospel?

  • What did the Lord inspire Moses to teach his followers that they must do in order to live in the land they were given? Why is that “curriculum” important in today’s world.

  • What does Elder Soares suggest we should do when those whom we teach fail to respond to our efforts? What are important things that Elder Soares says we must do to truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  • Why is “hope” an important part of the gospel plan?

  • How can we ensure that the Holy Spirit is powerful in our learning and teaching?

  • While words are important in teaching, what other teaching methods are as powerful or even more powerful to strengthen our success as teachers?

  • What warning does President Nelson give regarding the effects of lack of morality in today’s world and what does he suggest should be at the center of strengthening us and our families against these challenges?

  • What are the tools the Church has provided us for inspiring and focusing our teaching?

  • Paul speaks of “forming a new people” as a divine purpose of teaching. What must we learn, understand and teach to achieve that important purpose?