Latter-day Saint Apostles Bingo (and Matching)

Learn the names of the apostles and prophets in this fun Apostle Bingo game! This would be a great activity for Family Home Evening around General Conference time when your family will be seeing these faces more often. 



You can play this game in a few ways

  • Use the photo only calling cards and match the images

  • Use the name calling cards to help your family match the names with the correct apostle

  • Use the calling cards as a matching game instead

  • Use the calling cards for a Swat It style game. Place all the names out on the table and flip one photo over at a time. The person who slaps the right name first gets the point.

  • Use it during General Conference. When you see that person speak, cover the tile. Once you get a Bingo, get a special snack.

Each board has 16 spaces. Since there are 15 apostles and prophets, I put one image twice to kind of act as a free space. The person who is in the top left corner of each board will be the one that is shown twice. All the images are from 

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Turn it into a Family Home Evening Lesson

  • Review the words of the apostles. You can pick one General Conference talk to base your lesson on or look at their Facebook pages and share one of their most recent messages.

  • Learn more about each of the apostles and prophets. has biographies on each them.

  • Encourage your family to follow the prophets- literally. Find their social media profiles and be sure you are following along.

Be sure to follow up this game with repeated review. During General Conference, point out when an apostle is speaking and review the name. It helps to see the faces a few times as sometimes they look similar.