Teaching Primary 7: The New Testament

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Welcome to another year of Primary! This year you will notice a few new things! The purpose of these lesson aids is to help you fill in those gaps at the end or enhance your overall lessons.

Each lesson aid includes: 

  • Online lesson link and the purpose of the lesson
  • Teacher Study
  • Scriptures
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Handouts
  • A place to bounce ideas

The Teacher Study is something new this year that will hopefully, benefit you personally. Each study includes articles from General Authorities related to the lesson topic. As you read them they will not only help you prepare for your lesson but also strengthen your own testimony. 

The Scriptures are generally in addition to the ones already in the lesson. These will help you get your class to dive further into the scriptures.

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The handouts will either be things to glue in a notebook, coloring pages, or things to help with your lesson. I draw from the Enrichment activities as well as my own inspiration to get you the best handout. If you have ideas, let me know in the comments and I'll try my best to help you. 

You may also want to print out these New Testament story helps and games from Time Savers.

You may notice that I don't have a drop down menu this year. This basically is one way that I'm working smarter this year. It also makes it easier for you to click from lesson to lesson. To find your lesson, simply scroll up and down- the newest lesson helps with be at the top with lesson 1 being at the bottom. Click on the Title of the lesson to go to the full post.