Learning to Ponderize the Scriptures

Are you loving the new word, "ponderize"? If you missed Elder Durrant's talk, he challenged us to ponderize a scripture verse each week. Ponderize is 80% pondering and 20% memorizing. As we do so we'll be blessed with deeper spirituality and understanding. How do you ponderize?

Pick a Scripture, Any Scripture

Find one that means something to you. Any book, any where. I suggest for your first scripture that you make it one that you can easily memorize in order to kick your first week off on the right note. 

Put It Where You'll See It

In your car, the fridge, on your bathroom mirror. Write your scripture down and hang it somewhere that you'll see it often and easily read it.

Ponder It Through the Week

Think about your scripture throughout the week. What meaning does it have for you? What gospel principle is it trying to teach you? How can you apply it to your life? As you ponder it, Brother Durrant told us that our spirituality will increase, our ability to teach those around us will be better, and we'll gain a deeper understanding and new spiritual perspective. Pay attention to those promptings and write them down.

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Memorization Will Happen

As you frequently ponder your scripture throughout the week, you will find that you'll automatically begin to memorize pieces of it. You may not memorize it perfectly but it will stick in your mind and your thoughts will have a higher place to go. 

Share it With Others

This isn't a required step of ponderization but more of a natural result of your pondering. You'll want to discuss it with others and share what you learned. Share with your family and friends Sharing will also help you in your goal to ponderize as it'll hold you more accountable.


Pick a new verse and start again next week. How long do you hope to continue this new habit? Having difficulty finding a verse? I'll gather a few each month to share with you. Grab October's scriptures here.

Your Turn- What's your verse this month? Where will you put your scripture?

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