Post-it Pick Me Up Scriptures

Do you know someone having a bad day? Maybe it's even you. One of the quickest ways to get out of a bad mood is through reading the scriptures. I've gather together 6 great pick me up scriptures found throughout the standard works for you share with others or stick on your own mirror. The great thing about these scripture verses is that you can print them out on post-its! 


To print them on post-its, you'll want to print page one first (the one with 6 squares). Put a post-it over each square (with the sticky side at the top). This will help ensure that the words line up to print on the post-its. Then feed your post-it covered paper into your printer (sticky side first to avoid paper jams) and print page 2. You'll have a set of 6 beautiful post-it pick me up scriptures ready to share. Put one on your mirror in the morning to snap you out of a bad mood! Stick one on the fridge to ponderize for the week or share one in your love's lunch box to cheer him up on a long day. 

These scriptures are great for sharing and helping cheer each other up so get printing! Then pin it for others to find too.