Studying the Articles of Faith

Come study the Articles of Faith this year. Below you'll find 2 sizes of free posters to download. You may print them out but please don't repost these posters online anywhere. Thanks!


If you use these please pin them too so others can find them. 

Ideas to use these Article of Faith posters:

  • Primary lessons- Print a set out and put it in your teacher binders because you'll use these all year long in several different lessons.
  • Faith in God- Memorizing the Articles of Faith is a requirement towards getting your Faith in God award. Print these out to help in the memorization process. Cut them up into strips and memorize a line at a time. Cut apart each word and put it back together like a puzzle.
  • Ponderize- Ponderize each one for the next 13 weeks.
  • Family Home Evening- Use these posters for your next FHE.

More Article of Faith Posters and Resources: