LDS Teaching Helps for "The Sabbath Is a Day of Worship"

This lesson my seem a little intimating at first as it seems too similar to some of the other lessons these 6 months. However, if you really focus on the word "worship" you really will find some great new things to teach about. 


The Church suggest the following:

"Write the word worship on the board and ask class members to write other words that are related next to it. Then make three columns with the words before, during, and after at the top of each column. What can we do before, during, and after church to worship the Lord on His holy day? Class members could read together Mosiah 18:17–29 and Moroni 6 for ideas. Invite members to ponder how their attitudes and actions on the Sabbath day are helping them worship the Lord on that day (see Exodus 31:16–17). What can we do to help improve the worship experience our families and ward members are having during Church meetings?"

Teacher Study

Psalms 95:6-7

Mosiah 18:25

Alma 33:2-11

D&C 20:17-19, 29

D&C 59:5

Moses 1:15

Articles of Faith 1:11

"The Blessings of Worship" by Bishop Dean M. Davies

"Worship through Reverence" by Elder Robert C. Oaks

"Worship through Music" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"Sunday Worship Service" by Elder W. Mack Lawrence

"No Other Gods" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"How to Worship" by President Bruce R. McConkie

"Elements of Worship" Teachings of President of the Church: David O. McKay

"Teaching Children to Worship" by Joan Huges and Helen Huges

"Yielding Our Hearts to God" by Sister Neill F. Marriott


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Suggested Videos

Personal Worship (about 2 minutes)- Clip from Elder Goaslind

Sacrament Worship (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Clip from Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Questions to Ponder

  • What does it mean to worship?
  • How do we worship God?
  • How do you show your devotion and love for God?
  • What role does reverence play in worship?
  • How do we develop an attitude of reverence?
  • How can you teach the principle of reverence in your home and at church?
  • How does your worship of God bless you? How does it bless others?
  • How can you make time for meditation? 
  • What blessings come as a result of your mediation?
  • How can you prepare yourself to go to Church and commune with Him?
  • How can you prepare yourself to partake of the sacrament?
  • In what ways might we be in danger of committing idolatry?
  • How do you worship God through prayer?
  • In what ways can you improve your prayers?
  • How do you worship throughout the week?
  • How do you bring the spirit of worship into every aspect of life?
  • How do we worship differently on Sunday than the rest of the week?
  • How can you have communion with God?

Teaching Ideas

These are my ideas. My hope is reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class.

  • Discuss the story of the children of Israel worshiping the golden calf as found in Exodus 32. They were quick to worship something else. How are we in danger of idolatry? Do we sometimes make the mistake of returning home from church only to worship something else or worse, do it while we are at church?
  • Discuss the scripture in D&C 59:5. How do we worship the Lord with all our hearts, might, mind, and strength? What does that mean? Discuss each thing (heart, mind, etc.) and how we give our all to the Lord through proper worship.
  • Discuss ways we can teach reverence at home first so there is reverence as part of worship later. How can we give ourselves reverence reminders? How would increased reverence improve your life as well as your worship?
  • Take time to discuss meditation and its value in worship. President David O. McKay stated, "Meditation is a form of prayer... Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord." You can site the example of Jesus Christ going into the wilderness for 40 days he was baptized or one of the other examples President McKay states. Check out this Mormon Channel episode to further understand meditation (You can find the book they mention, Christ-Centered Mediation here).
  • Use my printables to spell the word "Worship," each letter standing for something that you can discuss during your lesson. I chose the words: worthy, obedient, reverent, studious, humble, intentional, and prayerful. Put up the whole word "Worship" on the board first then add the additional words as you go through them. If you want to use your own words, I used the font Milkshake for this printable. 
  • Discuss how we worship during the administration of the sacrament. It's a great time for meditation and to commune with God. How do we do that? How can we teach our families to reverence the sacrament? How to we continually treat it with proper respect even though it is something we participate in regularly?
  • Our churches are dedicated and set apart as houses of worship. What does that mean? How should we approach and treat the church buildings because they are houses of worship? How should we treat the chapel? 
  • As we prepare ourselves to go to Church, it can be compared to preparing ourselves to go to communicate with God. We are going into His presence. Does that change what we do to get ready, what we wear? Does it change what we do when we are at church, how we act? Does it change how we help our families prepare?