Teaching Helps for "Jesus Christ Is the Lord of the Sabbath"

Whew! Last lesson help for the Sabbath Day lessons and I'll be honest, I struggled with this one. It's an excellent topic but I had a hard time seeing it differently than some of the other topics I had already done. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. I found that really focusing on what the Church suggests though is the best way to go about each of these lessons. 


The Church suggests focusing on the following for this lesson:

"The Sabbath is also called the Lord’s day (see Revelation 1:10). Why do you think that Jesus Christ is called the Lord of the Sabbath? (see Matthew 12:8). Review together a few verses that can help inspire members to think of ways to center their Sabbath day experiences on Jesus Christ (for example, Helaman 5:12; Ether 12:41; Moroni 10:32; and D&C 6:36–37). What other verses can members share that could help them make the Sabbath more Christ-centered? What goals can we set to help us focus on the Savior throughout the Sabbath day?"

Teacher Study

JST, Mark 2:26-27

"The Lord's Day" by President James E. Faust

#HisDay Is For Love (LDS blog post)

How to Make the Sabbath Day #HisDay Wherever You Go This Summer (LDS blog post)

My Heart-to-Heart with God about the Sabbath (LDS blog post)

"Focus and Priorities" by President Dallin H. Oaks

"Joy and Spiritual Survival" by President Russell M. Nelson

"Be Ambitious for Christ" by Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita

"Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives" by President Russell M. Nelson

Suggested Videos

A Row of Sunday Shoes (about 30 seconds)

"More Than Ever, We Need 'His Holy Day'"- 3 part video series from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Questions to Ponder

  • How can you better center your Sabbath around Jesus Christ?
  • How do our activities change as we center them on the Lord of the Sabbath?
  • Why do you think Jesus Christ is called the Lord of the Sabbath? What does that mean?
  • What are some scriptural examples of people focusing their Sabbath on the Savior? What can you learn from them?
  • What goals can we set to focus on the Savior during the Sabbath day?
  • What happens to our Sabbath when we focus on Jesus Christ?
  • How does our week change when our Sunday's are focused on the Lord?
  • How do you seek Jesus on the Sabbath?

Teaching Ideas

These are my ideas. My hope is reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class.

  • Share the video, Share Your Sabbath, then discuss how the activities mentioned help us keep our focus on the Savior and how. What are some other ideas? How can we do those things and not be focused on the Savior? What can we do so the focus remains on the Lord of the Sabbath? What makes an activity okay for the Sabbath?
  • Challenge your class to share a photo with #HisDay before your next lesson whether it's to you directly or on social media. 
  • Fill out a Sabbath Day plan. With everything they put down, have them ask if it helps them keep their focus on the Savior. 
  • The article, Ready to Take the Field, gives a great idea to discuss how we prepare for the Sabbath during the rest of the week. You could even use the game day analogy.
  • Use some of the #BestDay videos during or your class or share them beforehand to get people thinking about why Sunday is the #BestDay. What makes it that way? How does our focus on the Savior affect Sundays?
  • I found this acronym for the Sabbath on Pinterest but didn't find it on LDS.org so I made it for you to print here. It'd be great to discuss why we should focus on Christ on the Sabbath. As we turn towards heaven, we are turning towards Christ. 
  • I also made a super simple handout with Jesus Christ in the middle. You can have people write down what they normally do on Sunday and draw arrows if it takes their focus away from or towards Jesus Christ as a self evaluation activity. 
  • Share the video 80 Ideas for the Sabbath and ask people what activities help them focus on the Savior each Sunday? Are we intentionally planning activities that allow us to keep that focus or are we floundering? Which method allows for a better Sunday? 
  • List some of the blessings that come from honoring the Sabbath Day (see this article for ideas). Are we able to obtain these blessings without remembering that Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath?
  • Have a special musical number with the music, His Day or watch the video. 
  • When discussing Helaman 5:12, you can use the wise and foolish man object lesson but compare it to how we treat our Sabbath day. When we build our Sabbath on the Savior we have a rock to stand on throughout the week. When we build it upon other things our foundations are like sand for the rest of the week. 
  • Use President Dallin H. Oaks' story of the melon business owners to discuss how it's not necessarily that we need to do more, it's about the way we do things.