A Christmas Eve Devotional

Merry Christmas Eve! 


Being Christmas Eve this is, of course, the night to read Luke 2.


A Gift to the World is about 9 1/2 minutes long but you can watch a part of it if you are time crunched.  Also try the entire video from the first devotional, Glad Tidings of Great Joy (about 5 minutes long).


Instead of questions today, take a few minutes to share your testimony of Jesus Christ with each other.

Optional Activities

Put these out throughout the day to keep the focus this Christmas Eve on Christ.

Looking to the Savior- Includes a really short story and an matching activity.

A Week for the Christmas Story- Cut and paste images to create the Nativity scene.  It has songs they can sing as well.  I thinks its a good way to wrap up what we've been talking about.

Make Your Own Manger- Cute craft that you can make but you'll need little paper bags, yellow paper, and glue.

Advent Cutouts- While its an advent, I know mine will enjoy it as a puzzle just fine.  Goes with this page.

Christmas Advent Wreath- Another Advent but we'd use it as a project to just have fun with and decorate. You could use a paper plate cut out like a wreath and just glue the pictures on top instead.

Christmas Music Quiz- always fun

Christmas Tree Matching- Matching what the symbols of Christmas mean and coloring the tree.

The Christmas Story- The Shepherds scene and the manger scene.

In the Giving Spirit- Find the pictures in the scene