Ideas to Help You Teach Galatians "Walk in the Spirit" (September 23-29)

It’s time for another great Come Follow Me lesson! This week we are in Galatians "Walk in the Spirit" (September 23-29). In Galatians, Paul corrects the Saints and illuminates the difference between bondage of temporal ways and the freedom of the Gospel. Fun note: It appears Paul wrote this epistle himself instead of using a scribe this time- note Galatians 6:11.

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Galatians 1-5

These chapter discuss how the law of Christ makes us free.

Additional Study Suggestions

“Choose You This Day” by Elder Dale G. Renlund

“The Gospel: An Eternal Life Hack” by Lori Fuller (Ensign article)

“Freedom ‘from’ or Freed ‘to’” by Elder F. Enzio Busche

“We Can Do Better and Be Better” by President Russell M. Nelson

Videos to Share

“To Hold Sacred” (about 10 minutes)- Talk by Elder Paul B. Pieper

“Abide in the Lord’s Territory” (about 9 minutes)- Talk by Elder Ulisses Soares

Questions to Ponder

  • What’s preventing us from fully living the law of Christ and experiencing the freedom the gospel offers? What can help you be free of this “yoke of bondage”?

  • How has Christ helped set you free in the past? How can He help you now?

  • What does true freedom mean to you? What does it look and feel like?

  • Are there some traditions that people might have today that keep them from living the law of Christ fully? Do you have any traditions that you need to let go?

  • How does Christ make you free?

Teaching Activities

  • What’s preventing us from fully living the law of Christ and experiencing the freedom the gospel offers? Print out my chain strips and locks to make your own handcuffs. On the lock, write something that prevents you from experiencing more freedom. Then pretend to be Hulk and break free!

  • Speaking of Hulk, get smashing some bubble wrap (you'll want the big bubbles- this is a good roll). Write in sharpie some of the things you want to be free of then stomp and smash away! P.S. You can use the extra bubble wrap to stomp at birthday parties as you wait for the parents to come pick up their kids.

  • Use the handcuffs on a person's leg instead and use another object as the "ball" so it's a ball and chain. Discuss how the object can hold us back. Even objects that can be used for good can hold us back when used inappropriately. What are some things that help you soar? When can they bring you down instead?

  • If you have older kids that needs something more than paper handcuffs and bubble wrap, try out the Crazy Man's Handcuffs magic trick.

Galatians 3

Galatians 3 discusses how we are the seed of Abraham and heirs to his promised blessings as we become saints in the Gospel.

Additional Study Suggestions

“The Abrahamic Covenant: A Blessing for All People” by Kent P. Jackson (Ensign)

“What Abraham’s Covenant Means to You” by Shanna Butler

“The Abrahamic Covenant” by S. Michael Wilcox

“The Gathering of Scattered Israel” by President Russell M. Nelson

“Covenants” by President Russell M. Nelson

Videos to Share

Abrahamic Covenant (about 1 minute)- Clip from President Dallin H. Oaks

We Are the Covenant People of the Lord (about 1 minute)- Clip from President Russell M. Nelson

Abraham’s Seed (about 1 minute)- Clip from President James E. Faust

Questions to Ponder

  • What does the Abrahamic Covenant mean for you in your life?

  • How are you living up to the covenant?

  • What blessings have you seen from it already?

  • What else can we do to be sure we are heirs to the blessings promised Abraham?

  • How would you define the Abrahamic Covenant?

  • Why is it important for you to understand this covenant?

  • How are you being intentional in keeping your covenants?

Teaching Activities

  • Use my printable triangle seed box to help explain the Abrahamic Covenant to your family or class. Each side as a piece of the covenant or blessing. I ended up doing a few different ways so use what you think your group would understand most. I made it as a seed to show how we can all be Abraham’s seed as we become Latter-day Saints. You can give it to someone to show that.

  • The third seed has the threefold mission of the Church on it instead: Proclaim the Gospel, Perfect the Saints, and Redeem the Dead. Show how this mission goes along with the Abrahamic Covenant. This is sized to go inside the other seeds so you can show how they are one.

  • Head to the Bible Dictionary and study the Abrahamic Covenant together. Write down your own simplified definition instead. What else did you learn? How are we living up to our responsibilities?

  • Head to the Ensign and go to the Family Study Fun page to do the Nations Blessing Bonanza activity.

  • Talk about your baptismal covenants and how they relate to the Abrahamic Covenant. You can read the story Cracking the Code from an old Friend magazine to help.

Galatians 5:13-26; 6:7-10

These verses discuss receiving the fruits of the Spirit.

Additional Study Suggestions

“Gifts of the Spirit” by Elder Robert D. Hales

“How Does the Holy Ghost Help You?” by Elder Gary E. Stevenson

“The Holy Ghost as Your Companion” by President Henry B. Eyring

Videos to Share

Having the Holy Ghost (about 3 minutes)

Inviting the Holy Ghost (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Clip from Elder David A. Bednar

Questions to Ponder

  • Do you feel the fruits of the Spirit? If not, how can you change so you can? If so, what can you do to keep the fruit?

  • How can you invite the Spirit into your home?

  • How do you know you have the Spirit with you? What does it feel like? How do you know you don’t have it?

  • What does it mean to you to walk in the Spirit?

  • What additional blessings have you received because you have kept the Spirit in your life?

  • How can you cultivate the fruits of the Spirit? Why would you want to?

  • Why might we have to sow for a while before we can reap the blessings? How can this bless you? How can you endure through the waiting and sowing to get to the reaping?

Teaching Activities

  • Go on a treasure hunt! The treasure hunt cards have blanks for you to fill in where to go. You can do this at home or in a church classroom. Places to hide the fruit could include your shoe, under a sink, inside a book, etc. As they go from clue to clue, they are also looking for the fruit that matches their current clue. You can leave an extra surprise at the end like fruit salad or caramel pears (or apples). Then discuss all the different fruits of the Spirit. If we can’t feel these things, what can we do differently? If we do feel these things, how do we keep those feelings? You can compare your search for the fruit to how we must work to have the Holy Ghost with us. It won’t come automatically. We must seek the Spirit and make right choices.

  • Remember to go over the definitions of some of the fruits of the Spirit. Give examples of what it might look like in the lives of those in your group.

  • Remember to check out the resources in the church magazines too. The Friend has a Family Night Fun activity based on these verses. There is also a page from an older magazine that shows examples of how we can invite the Spirit into our lives.

  • Discuss how we need to put ourselves in the right places and do the right things in order to have the Holy Ghost with us and his fruits. Read the short story from Elder Joseph W. Sitati about an anthill and cell phone to help you.

  • Play a game of Tug-a-War. One side the rope is the flesh and the other is the Spirit. Explain how sometimes we are like that on the inside. We have to give way to the things of the Spirit but the natural man in us wants to stay. How can we give more tug to our spiritual sides instead?

  • Make an invitation for the Holy Ghost! You can put the time and date (always). For the picture or the what part, write or draw how you invite the Holy Ghost into your lives.

Galatians 6:7-10

These verses specifically talk about reaping what we sow.

Additional Study Suggestions

“‘As a Man Soweth’” by Elder L. Tom Perry

“Good Habits Develop Good Character” by Elder Delbert L. Stapley

Videos to Share

We Reap What We Sow (about 2 minutes)- Clip from President Dallin H. Oaks

The Law of the Harvest (about 3 minutes)

Questions to Ponder

  • What are some things you have been able to reap?

  • Are there some things you wished you hadn’t reaped? What can you do then?

  • How do you ensure you are sowing good things? How do you know?

  • What are some blessings you want to be able to reap later? What do you need to do now in order to do so?

  • Do you ever get tired of doing all that sowing? What keeps you going? Why don’t you give up?

Teaching Activities

  • Sew! Print out my flowers and backgrounds and make your own “sowing” cards. You can watch a video as you sew together. You can show your children how they made the flower grow- they reaped what they sowed. NOTE: I don’t know why they don’t make a simple hole puncher that can go in further than 1/2 inch so you will have to get a little creative with your punching unless you completely cut the background scene to just around the flower. You can use push pins to make a little hole then use a pencils to make it larger. Or if you have one of those other hole punches that poke holes in the paper, that’ll work.

  • Work your way backwards. Ask your family or class what things or blessings they would like to have in this life and the next. Then work your way backwards. Do a few steps back along the way until you get to what you can do right now to reap those blessings later. For example, if I want to make it to the Celestial Kingdom then I need to endure to the end, keep my temple covenants, get married in the temple, keep the commandments, be baptized, etc. Use a whiteboard if you can. The point is we must be intentional if we want to reap certain blessings.

  • Discuss what goes into harvesting a fruit or vegetable. How long does it take before you can enjoy those benefits? How do we become not weary in well doing as we wait for our promised blessings? You can watch the Law of the Harvest in the videos above to help you discuss this as well as how we won’t reap grapes when we plant carrots.

Additional Helps

Remember, you can print all the questions to use with your personal study as well as a weekly recap sheet to help you plan your week and look at things at a glance.

  • Remember to also head over to The Red Headed Hostess for additional insights and aids to help teach your family from this book of scripture. She has bedtime stories, a seed activity, and more this week.
  • Love Pray Teach has great lesson packets as well. You can find a coloring page, fruit of the Spirit activity, and more in this week's family one but she has also has some for Junior and Senior Primary. Use what's best for your family.