Lesson Resources for Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19 "It Is Finished" (June 17-23)

This week concludes Jesus Christ’s life on earth as a mortal man in Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19 "It Is Finished" (June 17-23). Next week we study the resurrection. I know the Primary lesson this week briefly covers the resurrection as well but I saved all my printables on that for next week. There are past ones available though if you use the search bar.

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Study Suggestions

I love the teacher manuals myself as they give some insights into the backgrounds of the time and even some ideas to teach my kids. The articles from General Conference are great for personal study as well.

Matthew 27:1-50; Matthew 27:51- 28:20; Mark 11-16; Luke 23; John 18-19 from the New Testament Seminary Teacher manual

Matthew 27-28; Mark 11-16; Luke 23-24; John 17-19 from the New Testament Institute Teacher manual (link wasn’t working at the time I was researching but I’m assuming the chapters are the same as the student manual. The main link for the manual is here).

Matthew 27-28; Mark 11-16; Luke 23-24; John 17-19 from the New Testament Institute Student manual

“We Follow Jesus Christ” by Elder Quentin L. Cook

“Christ the Redeemer” by Elder Carlos H. Amado

“None Were with Him” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

“What the Atoning Sacrifice Meant for Jesus” by Elder Gerald N. Lund

”The Cross: A Journey of Meaning” by Jacob Rennaker

“Gethsemane and Golgotha: Why and What the Savior Suffered” by Bruce Satterfield

“Seven Words from the Cross” - Visual

Q&A about Why We Don’t Wear Crosses

“The Symbol of Our Faith” by President Gordon B. Hinckley


These are great to listen together in the car on the way to school. My whole family loves listening to the youth speaker ones especially. Remember, as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, you can access these eBooks or audio books anytime. Find out more about Deseret Bookshelf PLUS.


Watch a video and discuss it after dinner, recap a part of the lesson before Church on Sunday, share a video in a group and discuss it together, or pause and discuss a video as part of your main lesson.

Jesus Is Condemned Before Pilate (about 3 1/2 minutes)- Bible video

Jesus Is Scourged and Crucified (about 5 minutes)- Bible video

None Were with Him (about 18 minutes)- talk from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

That We May Be One (about 16 minutes)- talk from President Henry B. Eyring

The Peaceable Things of the Kingdom (about 19 minutes)- talk from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The Trials of Jesus (about 1 1/2 minutes)- illustrated scripture story

Jesus Is Crucified (about 2 minutes)- illustrated scripture story

The Shiny Bicycle (about 3 minutes)- animated story from President Thomas S. Monson

The Atonement (about 4 minutes)- Kids tell it in their own words

Questions to Ponder

Use these questions to help you ponder as you do your personal studies, encourage journaling for your kids, text them to a friend or child to get the conversation going, or take them with you in the car and randomly draw from a bag as you carpool to school or your next practice. These go beyond the questions in the manual.

  • Why do you think the people would not release Jesus?

  • How can you ensure that you are following the correct teachings and acting on promptings from the Holy Ghost? What are some ways you can avoid being deceived by Satan, as Judas and others were?

  • What can you learn from Jesus Christ in how you should react towards your enemies? Or those who seek to make things hard for you?

  • When has striving to have self-control helped you in hard times?

  • How can we more easily take correction and constructive criticism without attacking the person who is trying to help us be better?

  • Why do we seek to justify rather than correct our ways? Why are we so easily offended by the things we need to work on in our lives?

  • How are you allowing Christ into your life? How are you seeking to change to become more in line with his teachings?

  • How are you enduring your current personal trials? How can you endure them better?

  • As you’ve studied Jesus’s final hours, what can you do to exemplify Him?

  • When have you felt that Jesus knows what you are going through and is therefore able to sustain you?

  • How have you been able to forgive others in your life? What has made it more manageable?

  • What have you learned that is new to you as you’ve studied the Crucifixion again?

Teaching Ideas

These are my ideas. My hope is that my thoughts may be a springboard to your own great ideas that are right for you and your family.

Crack Code.png

Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19

  • Crack the code and discuss how Jesus is the Son of God! Make it even harder by cutting apart each word and having your family or class put it in order.

  • How do you know Jesus is the Son of God? How can you keep your testimony strong? Make your own codes with the answer to these questions then trade with another family or class member and have them decode it.

  • There is also a prophecy and fulfillment matching game included in the Primary 6 Lesson 45 handouts. Play it like memory-. Note: you will need your scriptures to look up the answers!

Study Squares Death.png
  • Study some of Christ’s final words. In each box you’ll find a scripture reference. Write inside what character trait or power allowed Jesus Christ to say or do those things. For example, in Matthew 27:46 it says, “And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” We learn that Jesus depends on His Father. What other scriptures show important characteristics?

  • Study some of Christ’s interactions with others during his final moments as well. You can draw or summarize the experience in each box. What do we learn from these moments? Who would you like to be like? What else can we learn from the people He interacted with?

  • After you have filled in the sheet, cut apart the squares with the people inside and play Pictionary or charades with them!

  • Watch some of the Bible videos after filling out these sheets. What else do you notice? Try focusing on a specific characteristic or person. Did you gain new insights?

  • What about these verses reaffirms your testimony in Jesus Christ as your Savior and the Son of God?

Forgive Balloons.png
  • One of the final things Christ did while on earth was forgive. Discuss how we can forgive others as well with my balloon printable scene. The three pages are meant to be assembled vertically. Then as you review each balloon, discuss how it helps us forgive and tape it to the scene. Finally, we are able to let go completely and soar. You can add balloon strings for extra fun!
  • Have some kite fun! Write on your kite something or someone that you need to forgive. Then practice letting it go as you fly your kite. You can get cheap ones at the dollar store or get a more durable one like this one on Amazon.
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Activity Pages

I’m now linking to the category pages for available on ChurchofJesusChrist.org. They have stories, activity pages, and some media options available under each topic. Definitely check out the latest addition of the Friend and New Era as well.

Find activities and stories under the following activities: Death; Atonement; and Easter.