New Testament Golf

Become better acquainted with the scriptures, study some verses, and have fun with New Testament Golf! It’s a fun scripture guessing game that is scored like golf- meaning the lowest score wins! Emily from The Benson Street used to play a game like this when she was dating her husband and now she’s sharing it with us.

New Testament golf is a great game to play to get better acquainted with the scriptures. Help your group or family become better at understanding where certain stories are so they can easily share them and look them up when they need. This would be a great game to play for a youth activity night, family home evening, and yes, even date night.

How to Play

Everyone takes a turn in each round just like you would in golf.

  1. When it is your turn, another player will read you a scripture from one of the golf cards. You must then guess which book of scripture those verses come from.

  2. For every guess, you get one stroke (just like in golf, when you hit the ball you count a stroke). If the scripture is John 3:14 and you guess the book of Matthew first then you guess John, you would have two strokes.

  3. Next you guess which chapter it is in. If you want to make it a little easier you can help on this one by saying whether the chapter number is lower or higher than the one guessed. Again, for John 3:14, if I guessed chapter 10, then the person reading the card would tell me to guess lower.

  4. Add up how many times you guessed and that is your score for the round.

  5. Play as many rounds as you like. Golf is usually played in either nine or 18 holes. You will find 9 round scorecard printable included here. After nine rounds whoever has the least amount of points, wins!

There are a bunch of created cards included in the printable, however, you can easily extend this game. Use 3 x 5 index cards to create your own cards or read directly from the scriptures. This game can be helpful for teens to learn the order of the New Testament books and where certain doctrines are located, while still having an element of fun.

We recommend printing this game on cardstock then laminating so you can play it over and over again.

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