New Testament Spot It!

Get ready for some scripture fun with New Testament Spot It! Jessica from Time Savors graciously designed this great game for you and your family to play! The beauty of Spot It is little ones can play and you can change up the rules so older ones will like it too.

Play a game of New Testament Spot It then tie it back into the week’s Come Follow Me lesson! Time Savors even designed some great coloring sheets to go with a few of the lessons (the May ones specifically). Bring them with you to church or use them at home as you read the scripture stories together.

How to Play New Testament Spot It (and Assembly)

  1. Print all the cards on cardstock with the optional pattern print on the back.

  2. Cut each circle card out and place in a pile.

  3. Start the game by putting one card in the center pile, then distribute the rest to all players.

  4. The object of the game is to find the one matching symbol between your card and the card in the middle pile before the other players.

  5. Once you find a match, add your card to the center pile and it becomes the next card to match against. The first to run out of cards wins!

There are lots of different mini games you can play using the same cards and of course, you can make up your own version too!

Use the Spot It cards to help introduce your Come Follow Me lesson:

  1. Find a card that has something on it that relates to the scripture story you will be teaching that week.

  2. Lay several cards out on the table including the one with your object.

  3. Describe the object you want people to find on the Spot It cards without using the actual word.

  4. Once someone finds it, ask your family to pay attention to the scripture story. When they hear that object mentioned, raise their hands.

You can also play the game after you read the scripture stories. Have your family find something that relates back to the story. They might come up with several different answers. As long as they can relate it back to the story, it counts!

Because Time Savors is so great, she also created something for the older group as well! You can print some New Testament scripture posters to hang and ponder in your home. They are beautiful and would make a great addition and even gift.

OR set your phone’s wallpaper to one of the scriptures to help you ponder the lesson throughout the week. You could even text the image to your ministering families with a note about what you have been studying.

Be sure to head over to Time Savors on Etsy and tell her thanks for all her wonderful work. She’s amazing! Note: The images for the phone are in a zip file folder. This means you will need to extract the files BEFORE you can use them. Read this tutorial if you don't know how.

Time Savors has a whole lot more over in her Etsy's store. Definitely go check it out! If you have young ones, check out her Complete New Testament Stories that includes simplified story pages, quizzes, graphics, and games. If your family loves playing games, The Prodigal Son Battleship game is lots of fun and definitely goes with the lesson in May.