Quotes to Share: Priesthood Keys and General Conference

This week is a little different with two weeks to study one lesson, Matthew 16–17; Mark 8–9; Luke 9“Thou Art the Christ.” You will find some quotes on priesthood keys as well as General Conference here. I will share more on faith and new General Conference quotes next week.

Use these quotes to share with your teen, your mom, your ministering family, your neighbor, etc. They are great to spark conversation and gospel discussion!

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This question! Ask it before General Conference weekend and tie it into the Come Follow Me lesson for these two weeks. President David O. McKay posed this question back in 1956. "The response President McKay gave to his own question was the ‘divine authority’ of the priesthood. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands apart from other churches that claim their authority is derived from historical succession, the scriptures, or theological training. We make the distinctive declaration that priesthood authority has been conferred by the laying on of hands directly from heavenly messengers to the Prophet Joseph Smith" (Elder David A. Bednar) General Conference is such a great time to discuss priesthood keys!

Elder David A. Bednar related this story in his talk, “The Powers of Heaven.”

Remember this from last General Conference? As we gear up for another inspiring weekend, I find I like to review the past messages and be sure I'm actually implementing some of the things I learned from the past one (otherwise why I am watching 8-10 hours of TV?). When President Russell M. Nelson invited the women of the church to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, he also encouraged us to share what we were learning with our children. I feel with the Come Follow Me program, I definitely am doing a better job of it but I loved talking more about Jesus Christ as I was highlighting any reference to Him in the Book of Mormon. Such a great experience. What's one thing you have put into action since the last General Conference?

This is from President Nelson’s talk in the Women’s Session, “Sisters Participation in the Gathering of Israel.”

Don't love you having the privilege of sustaining our leaders the Saturday of General Conference? I remember when our kids were old enough to understand the whole raise your arm thing and they looked at me to see if I would really do it. Would I be crazy enough even though we were at home watching it on TV. Did it still matter? Such a great time to discuss how we can sustain our leaders here when no one else will know as well as throughout the year by supporting them, not talking rudely about them, and so many other ways!

President Russell M. Nelson said this in his talk, “Sustaining the Prophets.”

Have a great General Conference weekend! See you on the other side. And remember to fasten your seat belts! 😂

Find this statement from Elder Robert D. Hales in his talk, “General Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony.”

Love finding this quote again after studying how Christ is the bread of life last week! Perfect for this weekend! Discover Sister McConkie’s quote from her talk, “Live According to the Words of the Prophets.”