Women in Jesus' Life Christmas Devotional

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Do you know how many women are in the scriptures? 20? 30? There are almost 100 women or groups of women in the New Testament alone. A lot more than you were thinking, right? "Walking with the Women of the New Testament" introduces you to these women. One of the first things Heather Farrell teaches you is how to start seeing the women in the scriptures. I love that she shows us how she did it and how we can do it too. 


After you really start seeing the women in the New Testament, a whole new world opens up. Heather Farrell takes you on a beautiful journey through these women's lives as well as issues that are unique to women (like childbirth). As you explore this wonderful book, you are not just drawn to the stories but also the artwork by Mandy Jane Williams. It is a amazing blend of photography and illustration. The women look real because they are real. The pictures take the stories from a book and makes these women into breathing people. It is beautiful! I highly recommend having this book in your home. It would be beautiful on your coffee table as you flip through it when you have the chance or as a full on scripture study companion. See how wonderful it is in this Women in Jesus' Life Christmas Devotional. 

Christmas Devotional

Learn more about Jesus by studying those women that were closest to Him. There are several women in His life but I picked out 4 that played a more significant part in His life. 

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

What an amazing woman and mother. Have you seen the Bible videos with Mary? Mary didn't just follow the rules; she pondered the words of the Lord and strove constantly to do His will even when it was hard to understand or scary. Her response in Luke 1:38 shows her faithfulness and courage. Later she boldly testifies of the Lord (see Luke 1:46-49). "Walking with Women in the New Testament" includes the 7 Sorrows and Joys of Mary. You could easily study one Sorrow and Joy each day. Each section is full of scriptures and quotes to along with Heather's narrative. This video from LDS.org is one of my favorites as it summarizes Mary's role throughout Jesus' life.


Elisabeth is such a great example of enduring patience as she was barren for so long. Finally when she is "stricken in years" she is blessed with not just a baby, but a son who would prepare the way for the Christ (see Luke 1). Elisabeth and Mary must have been a great comfort for each other- preparing each other for their new missions. We need to be able to help and lean on one another too. Elisabeth and Mary are a great model for us- the age gap and distance certainly didn't matter to them nor should it to us. 


Have you ever felt bad for Martha? She is always being pointed out as making the wrong choice- not choosing "the better part" (see Luke 10 :38-42). Heather points out that there is much more to this story than being wrong. I appreciate that she focuses on Martha's strong points. We all need to accept the Lord's invitation to come unto Him and make covenants with Him. 

Mary Magdalene

Mary was one of the women that Luke says had devils cast out of her (see Luke 8:2) . Yet, she doesn't just go her own way (remember the 10 lepers). She forms a friendship and true discipleship with Jesus. She knows of his great power because she felt it. We do not know how long she suffered but we do know she was ever grateful and faithful afterwards being the first to see Jesus resurrected (see John 20:14-18). I think it is interesting that in this book you read that Magdalene also means tower of strength. Simon Peter was the rock and Mary, a tower of strength. With this new understanding, her stories take on new significance. 

Heather discusses each of these women in much more detail. You will truly learn a lot as you study and try to see these women more. These 4 women are just the beginning. It is fascinating to read about each woman in the New Testament and leaves you a better person when you are done. 

Buy "Walking with Women in the New Testament" and learn much more about each of these women as you study the scriptures and use this book as a study companion.